we got married.

I saw this beautiful man for the first time on May 19th, 2010.  No, we didn't speak to each other.  Just worked out in the same room.

I met this beautiful man the next day - May 20th, 2010 - at the coffee shop I now work at.  It was my last day (I took a hiatus) and it was his first time every being there.  Here is a picture from the day my husband first laid his eyes on me.
[I'm on the right.  I know.... it doesn't even look like me.]

We went on our first date on June 3rd.

.... We made it official by June 8th.  At like 3am because we couldn't stop talking and hanging out.

We went on a hike and took our first picture EVER together at Beacon Rock.  This was only hours before I met his parents for the first time....

He said those three words late in June at his cabin.  Here is a picture taken moments after:

I THOUGHT he was going to propose on this day:

But he saved it until this day, which was only a few days later (September 9th, 2010):

[In disbelief - I was going to marry the man of my dreams!!!!]

We took engagement photos in October, while I was dying of illness, mind you.

We rehearsed the big day.

Then, we really did it folks.  We tied that knot good and hard!!!

Tears were obviously a must.

 We praised Jesus for it all and gave Him all the glory for bringing us together.

Then we told each other exactly how we felt - barely making it through.

I held that man's hands and looked at him with more love than I can even believe is allowed in my little heart.  He is so perfect for me.

Then.... we partied and went to Costa Rica.

yes, we were completely underwater.  yes, it was one of the scarier moments of my life.

The rest is history.  For more on the history of how God so perfectly brought us together, you can read the page "God has a plan.  And also a sense of humor."

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