Well I'm Natalie, and my best friend [pictured above] is Matt.
This is a blog about life, marriage, Jesus, and what I wear.  It's still odd to me that people want to read about what I wear. Equally weird, though, is that I enjoy reading about what other people wear just as much.

I'm a 22-year young girl, doing school, doing marriage, playing keys for my church, barista-ing, and trying to keep my inner Zen while coordinating the balancing act that life is.  My husband and I got married December 18th of 2010 - by far the best day of my life.  He is a man after God's heart, so passionate about people and serving, and so great at being the husband God made him to be.  I couldn't have found a better mate.

The big picture though, is Jesus.  He is my Creator, the love of my life, and the purpose of my existence.  Hopefully my blog will reflect that, and hopefully if you have questions about God you will email them to me!!!  I don't have answers, but I have experiences.  I've been down roads that you wouldn't have guessed, and I don't have a perfect life.  But I DO have a perfect savior.


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