golden birthday wins and fails.

Last Thursday I turned 24 on the 24th.  I had been waiting for that day since I discovered golden birthdays.  It was a long time coming, and I think we celebrated it just perfectly.

win:  a night talking, laughing, and dancing with some amazing friends. and this guy.

win: carving pumpkins and exchanging smiles across a dinner table with more wonderful friends.

win: giant golden balloons in the shape of 2's and 4's.

win: treats from Matt.

fail: birthday dinner surprise planned by Matt in the space needle. WOULD be a win, except we both got dizzy on the elevator ride and even dizzier in the revolving restaurant.  check please!

fail: re-coup down below the space needle and try to make new reservations.  end up listening to horrible live scream-o at Hard Rock.

fail: give up on dinner and drive to Port Townsend for a night in the "best ranked hotel in Port Townsend," aka the CREEPIEST ex-brothell that feels like it's full of ghosts and doesn't let you sleep at night.

fail: Matt working the whole next day in Port Angeles, leaving me car-less in Port Townsend.  8 hours of coffee shops later I'd go anywhere with him.

and then more wins.

win: Matt taking me birthday shopping since we didn't end up paying for dinner OR a hotel, which meant a trip to Anthropologie and Target.

win: the leaves.

here's to 24, and all the rest to come.
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