in the spirit of things.

We had our Christmas/anniversary photo shoot, and as usual, I was peeing myself with excitement to get a preview of these pictures.  And here they areeeee!!

ALL PHOTOS taken by Sela Photography.

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golden birthday wins and fails.

Last Thursday I turned 24 on the 24th.  I had been waiting for that day since I discovered golden birthdays.  It was a long time coming, and I think we celebrated it just perfectly.

win:  a night talking, laughing, and dancing with some amazing friends. and this guy.

win: carving pumpkins and exchanging smiles across a dinner table with more wonderful friends.

win: giant golden balloons in the shape of 2's and 4's.

win: treats from Matt.

fail: birthday dinner surprise planned by Matt in the space needle. WOULD be a win, except we both got dizzy on the elevator ride and even dizzier in the revolving restaurant.  check please!

fail: re-coup down below the space needle and try to make new reservations.  end up listening to horrible live scream-o at Hard Rock.

fail: give up on dinner and drive to Port Townsend for a night in the "best ranked hotel in Port Townsend," aka the CREEPIEST ex-brothell that feels like it's full of ghosts and doesn't let you sleep at night.

fail: Matt working the whole next day in Port Angeles, leaving me car-less in Port Townsend.  8 hours of coffee shops later I'd go anywhere with him.

and then more wins.

win: Matt taking me birthday shopping since we didn't end up paying for dinner OR a hotel, which meant a trip to Anthropologie and Target.

win: the leaves.

here's to 24, and all the rest to come.
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speaking of fall.

Only in the PNW can you post about paddle boarding and sun burns only to post about fall and sweaters three days later.  I think I can skip the schpeel on how much I love Autumn, since it seems to be a unanimous agreement among bloggers and all people everywhere that it is THE BEST. 

In other news, I have finally started pursuing a job.  Nordstrom treated me well, but the hours were unnecessarily difficult and I'm more of a "home every day at 4" type of girl, rather than a "stay until you make your day and beat your sales goals and work until you fall over" type of girl.  I'm going to miss the days of sitting at home doing nothing, waiting the painful 9 hours to get to 8:00pm when I could finally start watching The Office without feeling the weight of shame (aside from those few mid-afternoon episodes I snuck in over the past few weeks, I'd say it's going well.)

In even other news, if anyone has any advice on when and how and if and WHAT to go to Grad School for, I am now accepting all advice, wisdom, and even opinions.  

[Pants: J Brand.  Shoes: BP Shoes at Nordstrom.  Sweater: BP.  Sunglasses: Men's section of UO.  Hat: Walmart.]
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plural for hiatus.  hiatuses?
I'm not sure when blogging will work its' way back in to my "to-do's" and "things I'm excited about" list.  
In the midst of so much change it seems trivial.
But to catch you up, I have been working as assistant manager at Nordstrom for a couple of weeks.  Now we are moving to Seattle due to Matt's change-in-job/promotion.  On Friday. 

in a nutshell.

oh and we went to hawaii.

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on this day.

I am so thankful when looking through these awesome family photos.  So thankful for Matt, my parents, and my brother.  Especially my brother, today.

My brother survived an incredible feat - one that should have taken his life.  It's a miracle he is alive.

Today I returned to the very floor that he spent weeks on to visit on of my great friends' husband who is in critical condition.  He was hit by a car while walking across the street.  How quickly life can be taken of changed.

Praying for you today, friends.  God is big, and He is the Great Physician.
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a blogger's cry for html help.

Okay everyone, your tips and html's are now 100% welcome as I have spent WAY too many hours trying to figure out how to make my little pinterest, instagram, and "sponsor" images link to their respective pages.  What am I doing wrong here?

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accidental patriotism.

The optimal summer drink.  Lemons and honey (add to water after 24-48 hours of refrigeration)

Taking this Memorial Day as an opportunity for some serious couch snuggles and hulu-ing.  
Because tomorrow I start a real job, which calls for laziness today.

[Pants/tank/bracelet are Nordstrom, Target flats, Macy's cardigan, old skateboard earrings from Exit Real World]

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Thank-you to ALL of you who have been so encouraging along the way.  I can't believe this is real.  
Two weeks and a full-time job begins.  Welcome to postgraduate life? 

On a more sombering note, I lost my camera with all my graduation pictures the day of graduation.  Leaving it atop my husband's car, we pulled out of my favorite restauraunt and waved goodbye to the Elph and all its glory and irreplaceable memories forever.  I've only called the stores nearby the fateful place on the road where it probably landed a dozen times.  I've only talked to the same people at Campus Safety at my school just as many times, and I think they're a little tired of opening the lost and found to look for "the little blue camera."  Oh well.  Thanks to my Dad and friends for snapping some shots, too, so I could remember these special moments!

It's been emotional.  I recycled every piece of paper from my last semester of college.  It all filled an entire grocery bag.  So many hours, so much work, so many things to be proud and ashamed of.  I still can't believe it has come to a close.

Then there's the fact that my Dad moved to Thailand yesterday.  I have only had a couple of breakdowns so far - wishing he was sitting at the dinner table with me, whistling away, playing the piano at the most random times of the day..... 

Dad, you have left a permanent mark on my heart and I will forever cherish these 6 months that we got to live together.  You are such an amazing man.

Two days ago, I bought a suit for the first time!  And button up shirts, work pants, the whole gambut.  And thanks to my AMAZING mom and step-dad, I have an iPad which I am trying to only use for "business" like activity - in other words, I take it to coffee shops in the AM and (try) to read the New York Times.

The iPad for me marks a new beginning into the adventures of adulthood.
So, in continuing with that theme....

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the light at the end of the tunnel.

So.  This is a bound copy of my thesis.

All that stands between myself and graduation is a powerpoint presentation of this bad boy.

 Just looking at it has inspired me to make a list of things I want to do post-graduation.  These things include:

- Bleach a stain out of a white shirt that I have been meaning to bleach for 6 months
- Try a DIY teeth whitening tutorial from Pinterest
- Exercise.  Seriously.
- Buy new hair ties, since I only have one suuuuper loose one that is barely hanging on.
- Wash my car!  (This includes vacuuming out the millions of particles of debris that have accumulated over the last year or so)
- Shave legs thoroughly.

Amazing the little things that you can look forward to after spending 4 years with your nose buried in books.
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pray about the little things.

I remember marriage counseling.
Every Thursday night at what, 8? 9?  How they fit us in I will never understand, and will be forever grateful for.

One night they gave us a piece of advice that has played a big role in our marriage.

"Pray about the little things.  Even the color car you want, what kind of car, how many miles you want on it, everything."

The meaning behind this madness?
When these prayers are answered, God doesn't just get the glory for the big life altering events, he gets glory for everything.  For every moment, for every decision, for everything circumstance.  God gets it!  Isn't that great?

In church this last weekend, both Matt and I were completely overwhelmed during worship.  At the beginning of the year, we knew it was going to be a season of transitions.  Out of college, out of grad school, new city (for the first time since 3rd grade... no big deal), new church, new friends, new jobs... transitions were written all over 2013 in fat red sharpie.

There aren't even any words for how faithful God has been in our transitions.
From getting the internship I applied for to having someone wanting to put an offer on our house (one week after we put it up for sale by owner? sure..) to my dad getting a job that moves him out the same day we would move out (this doesn't happen) to being at our church at a time when the way we were called to serve was exactly what they needed for the last 2 years.

How does He do it?

In church I sat wondering, how can I give God glory for this?  How can I make the world know it is Him, not me?  How can I honor Him?
I guess one of those answers was to write about it.  To tell you all: God is so good and so faithful.  He hears your prayers, and is so worthy of glory for answering them.

Isn't life sweet?

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"... brewed chocolate.  100% premium cacao beans roasted and ground for a rich, full-flavored drink that delights your senses while it nourishes your body.  Think of it as bliss in a cup."

Health benefits include antioxidants (twice as many in 8oz as there are in two servings of blueberries!) and theobromine.  Read more here.

Not only are there health benefits, choffy actually tastes like coffee with chocolate in it.  BUT... there is no acid no caffeine, and it's GOOD for you instead of BAD.  For a girl with extreme caffeine sensitivities and acid reflux, this is basically a dream come true.
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welcome spring.


Skirt weather.  Amen.

Also just the Spring essentials happening in the background.  Pumpkins and a blue can of.. something.
[Target Skirt // F21 baseball tee // vintage bag]

Also, now that our house looks perfect and like I've always dreamed.... let's sell it!  The sign went up today.  I refused to go outside for the ceremony.  

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on changes.

This time last year (spring break) I was steaming my face away in a bowl with a towel over my head, trying to kick my sinus infection of AN ENTIRE WEEK to the curb.  This year I've spent nights praying to Jesus not to have a sinus infection again on my week off from school.

Unfortunately, my body thinks that this week is actually not just resting time, but time to squeeze in illness so I don't have to deal with it at school.  I guess that's fair.

FORTUNATELY, I do not have a sinus infection.  Just a mild cold and a little tummy ache.  Nothing that will stop me from doing the piles of homework that I need to accomplish.  Nothing that makes me start weeping as soon as I stand up.  So, I count this as a win.

Spring break is also a time where I get to press pause on the crazy whirlwind that is my life and think about what has been, what is, and what is to come.  I can't believe I am graduating in 46 days.  DID YOU KNOW... there are only 20 more days of actual classes left?  There aren't containers big enough to contain my joy.

... But then there's moving.  And having a real job.  And leaving behind the first house we ever bought together.  And moving out of the city I've lived in since 3rd grade.  And taking a vacation 2 days after my new job starts.  And leaving my church.  And my friends.  And my whole life, really.

The other night Matt and I were standing in the kitchen talking about all we need to do to get our house ready to show, and I just burst into tears.  I hadn't felt so attached and not-ready to leave until that moment.

So while these Spring Break days go whizzing by, we keep cleaning and organizing and decorating and preparing.  On top of this, I'm trying to finish my thesis (by tomorrow, fingers crossed!) and get my senior recital performance-ready.  Ohhh life.  You are good.  You are a good crazy thing.

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in the meantime..

If you haven't noticed, I decided to put blogging on the (way way way) back burner.  With my senior recital being a mere three weeks away and a full draft of my thesis due 3 days after that, my time is limited.

I am so looking forward to the days when I have time for this little space every day again.

Some snippets from life lately:

The newest green additions to our home.

Hair lightened.  

Senior recital poster success.

Thesis books.  The pile only gets bigger.

Tassel garland I created for the dressing room.

How do you people keep up with blogging amidst school??  Tell me your secrets, teach me your ways!

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