Definitely awkward.

Well friends, the past week has been full of some pleasant and unpleasant surprises.  
First of all.  Discovering you have Crohns disease might result in a picture sent to your husband that looks like this:

There's a pouty face somewhere under those devil-ish weirdo looking eyes.  That wonderful chip clip was attached to my nose for way too many minutes as I, brace yourselves, collected samples of my own poo. 
Possibly one of the top 3 most embarrassing moments of my life: dropping off my poo samples to a young man at the reception desk at my doctor's office.  "Hey....... so.... here ya go."

Also, having a fever of 102 on a Monday night with a big fat week in front of you full of paper due dates and chemistry exams (just kill me instead) is NOT my idea of getting off to a good start.

On the up, I declared a double major this week!  I will soon be able to claim a degree in both Anthropology and Music.  After this semester of 8 classes turns in to Spring semester which will have 9 classes.... and a senior recital and a thesis.... but that's a long ways out so who needs to think about that stuff anyway?

Also.  I am such a giganto traitor this morning.  I'm enjoying some hot cider (because govcup was OUT. What.) at a little coffee shop called Ike Box.  If you live in Salem or ever visit Salem, I highly recommend it.  It's great spot.  

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This picture in no way accurately represents how I feel this morning. (Also, it is from like a week ago.) I tried to take a picture as non-awkwardly as possible at the coffee shop, but alas, even when I thought I was smiling I still appeared to be frowning.  I have finally come down with the cold that is plaguing my campus and work place.  

Regardlesssssss of the date of this photo, though.  Seriously.  This shirt is the most comfortable thing I have ever put on.  I discovered it at Nordy's during triple points week and immediately wanted 5.  I could've bought 5 in the same color and still felt good about it.

Well anyway, on to what has been on my heart and brainnnn as of late.

What percentage of a Christian are you?

There are 24 hours in the day.
9 (or so) are spent sleeping.
That leaves 15 hours for you and I to go about our business, choosing how to spend those precious hours.
In the Old Testament, God asks for 10% of our money (leaving us with a whopping 90%!!!!) (Numbers 18:26)
In the New Testament, God asks us only to honor Him with the blessings we receive.  However, there is no amount named.  Certainly 10% is still a good starting place, but God may be asking us to give more if we are able.

In addition to tithing our treasures, we should also tithe our time and talents
Life can really get in the way for these last two.  We can use my life as an example here:

We tithe 15% of our income.  Matt once heard a preacher confess to tithing 50%, which inspired him (and in turn, me) to give more than we were comfortable with.  If giving 10% is easy, how are we sacrificing for God?  If it becomes comfortable, where is the worship in that act?

If we are awake 15 hours out of the day, technically 1.5 hours should be devoted to the Lord.  This would be considered our time tithe.   I don't know about you all, but I would say anywhere from 5-10 minutes of my day is REALLY devoted to Jesus.  I mean, between school and homework and practicing and sending emails...... You get the picture here.  I completely fall short in the "time tithe" category. 

Now consider your talents.  What are you good at?  Maybe it's writing.  Maybe it's blogging, skiing, singing, leading, or humor.
Whatever it is, God has gifted you with that talent for a reason, and the reason is to glorify HIM with it.
My main talent is music making.  I am in choir approximately 6 hours a week, and every other week (or 3rd week) I play keys at my church for about 8 hours.  The 8 hours are the only real time I honor and glorify God with my talents.  When I'm rehearsing at school, it's rare that Jesus floats into my mind and as I'm singing "Domine Adjuvandume" do I think "All for you, Jesus!!!!"

In these little calculations I haven't included the time I spend praying and conversing with God as I go about little day to day things (like driving).  I didn't include them because I have lots of room for improvement in this area.  My communication and time spent thinking about God is limited compared to the time and effort I spend thinking about school, obligations, and my schedule.  

So, what percent of a Christian are you?  I urge you to take a look at your life and make some calculations.  It's kind of a weird way of giving yourself a reality check, but hey.  Sometimes math and concrete facts are good for something after all.  

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Part 10, and a giveaway winner!

First and foremost, a HUGE thank-you to Tara from Sela Photography for these pictures.  Tara is my new official blog photographer and I am SO excited - not just because she is amazing, but because she is a dear friend of mine.  Thank-you thank-you thank-you, Tara!!

Secondly, congrats to Lissa for winning the Anthropologie giveaway!!  Send me an email :)

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Fall prep: pt. 9

A wool skirt and a simple sweater make for a warm refined look that is super easy to get into without much thinking involved.  Add some tights for extra warmth, and maybe a boyfriend blouse under the sweater for more layers.

*Giveaway winner will be drawn later today!
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Fall prep pt. 8. And some moments...

Are unforgettable.

Like coming home after a 6am-10pm go-go-go type of day to a bubble bath, lumineers, m&ms, pop chips, ice water (with a straw pointed perfectly so I didn't even have to move from my bathing position!), and a fall pottery barn magazine.  Best.  Husband.  Ever.  

I had a feeling a surprise was in order.  Maybe it was the text message that read "I have a surprise for you, but first I need to know what time you'll be home tonight."  Or maybe it was that when I got home the front door was wide open and I could see my beaming husband half way down our hall.  
What I didn't know was that I was going to be spending 40 glorious minutes in my first bubble bath in like 10 years.  It was AMAZING. 

To top it all off, I slept through my alarm this morning and showed up pre-lab-less to chemistry.  But when you only have 10 minutes to get to class, you start to get crafty and creative.  I complete my pre-lab during recitation (miraculously) and managed to squeak out a 3/4 on it.  How it all came together?  Only God can orchestrate such a masterpiece of a 9 hour window.  

[F21 pants, UO sweater, Exit beanie]
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Fall preparation: pt. 7

This shirt cost me about $4 on clearance at Target.  It's an XL and I wear it more as pajammas than anything, but it's so comfortable and somehow still allows for "effortless" style.  Mix it with a trend (cons) and you're golden.

Wearing Gap jeans (purchased in June of this year for those of you who asked!)
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Fall preparation: pt. 6

When Tara from Sela Photography asked me if I would bring my computer and a mug to our Portland photo shoot, I didn't know what she had in mind... but I had a feeling it would be good.  In honor of school starting up, we thought this "homework scene" was totally appropriate.

As far as the outfit goes, I picked a simple baggy sweater (from goodwill!), tattered jeans, and tennies.  What makes it more than an ordinary outfit, though, are the details.  A brown leather bag, an arm full of bracelets, glasses to enhance the student look, and a beanie for urban-esque-ness.  Or something. 

[Wearing gap jeans, nordstrom gold watch, vintage brown leather watch, H&M hat - men's department, F21 glasses]
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Fall preparation: pt. 5

It's alsoooo awkward and awesome Thursday.
But when it's A&A Thurs and 7:12am and you have 4 classes worth of hw to finish before 10:30 (because come on.  X factor premiered last night.) ......
You feel me.

So happy Thursday to you!!

[converse // nordstrom skirt // jcrew top // F21 glasses]

In this look I wanted to combine classy with back-to-school.  A pleated skirt mixed with converse lowers the formality but allows you to still look "dressed up". 

Oh and btw..... triple rewards at Nordy's this week for you rewards members.  Aka, the only time I buy things.

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Fall preparation: pt. 4 & the Endless Winco Trip

Welcome Urban Nester readers!!!!!  Glad you popped in for a visit.  This is my little blog about life and fashion. 

Yesterday I went to Winco for about four items.  FOUR.  Which ended up taking me about 2 hours.  Here's how to have a successful and completely un-necessary 2 hour grocery store trip:

1) Definitely have a 45 minute phone conversation with your Dad in the parking lot first.

2)  Don't ignore the helpless 48 year old man in the tampon aisle, who is pretending like he's waiting for his wife but really he is having the darndest time picking out pads for her.  When he finally gets the courage to ask you about pads, maybe know a thing or two about pads before answering.

3)  If you have "debit gift cards", it's probably not necessary to bring your actual wallet.  I mean, if they don't work, it's not like you will need it or anything.

4)  As you're leaving the grocery store embarrassed and unable to pay for your food that is now bagged, leave your coffee on the check stand just so that when you go back inside, you can feel extra embarrassed - and add a few minutes to your 2 hour long trip.

Voila.  The most inefficient way to go to the grocery store ever.  

[gap shoes // target skirt // UO tee // Nordstrom parka // Exit hat // F21 glasses]
 OH and I almost forgot. Would you like to win a $15 gift card to Anthropologie? 
1) Be a follower of my blog
2) Visit Anthropologie.com and tell me what your favorite fashion or home decor item is that ISN'T out-of-this-world-expensive
[these two things are not two separate entries****]
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Good luck!  Winner drawn next Wednesday.
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Fall preparation: pt. 3

Be bold.

Try to steer away from combining more than 2 or 3 patterns.  Things can start to get too busy.  In this outfit, I stuck with two main themes:  matching neons along with patterns containing black.  Even though the bright pants and jacket/shoes are contrasting in style, the outfit works together for an overall message of spunky-fall-ness that still speaks of sophistication and doesn't have *too* many things going on.

[gap shoes // F21 pants // Nordstrom jacket, tank, and sunglasses // exit real world hat]

Also, today is an important day.  To those of you who lost a loved one years ago, know that the nation is remembering you.

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Fall preparation: pt. 2

Combine non-matching colors and patterns to create a unique look.  Sweaters to stay warm, skirts to stay comfortable.  

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Fall preparation: Pt. 1

We all know it's coming.
The best season of them all! Not only because of the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and all those other overly used reasons for loving autumn, but.....
My birthday.  Just sayin'. 

For the next 10 days or so I will be doing a series on some of my favorite picks out of my own closet that I will be wearing this fall. 

Mustard yellow is a great fall color.  Mix it with fresh bright whites and accessories to stay warm - a hat, a vest, big watches, and a dark bag to contrast the brights.  

[wearing target chords, F21 boyfriend blouse, nordstrom vest & sunglasses, H&M men's hat]
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a birthday.

Happy birthday to the best mother-in-law a girl could hope for.
Radwyn, you are so full of love and life. 
So wise and kind and mellow.
And so, so good at being a mom. 
Thank-you for raising such a wonderful son who I now get to love so deeply.

Happy happy happy birthday to you!

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