More Black and White.

On a different note...
I got to spend some much needed girl time with these two beauties yesterday on a hike.

It's one of those days where there is so much on my mind I could write a novel.
But alas, it's time to demo honey.
There are some downfalls to waking up at 10am I guess.

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Thursday life.

Nothing short of an adventure, today is finally coming to a close.
I got to meet Kylee this morning for coffee which was a special treat, seeing as how we connect on way more than just one (blogging) level.  If you haven't made your way over to her blog via button, you should do that today (tonight?)

The middle part of the day was average.  Lots of waiting around for husband to get done working, which happened 2.5 hours later than expected.  Which made for a bummer evening since he had planned a trip to Wild Waves theme and water park for us which had to get cancelled.  Fortunately, Katie Downs supplied a wonderful night of dinner overlooking the Sound and Gibson Frozen Yogurt was nothing shy of OUT OF THIS WORLD. (How have I always overlooked the sauces at the end of the toppings?!)

THEN, because we are just that cool, Matt and I spent the remainder of our evening watching WipeOut (the blind date version), laughing our butts off.  I'm pretty sure someone could have stamped "GEEK" across each of our faces and we wouldn't have cared one bit.  We whooped and hollared and cried as the hilarity of the show carried us through evening and into that special time of night.....

Which is snack time.  I am eating a butterfinger from the "Suite Shop" as we speak (or read or whatever).  And yes, it's bomb.  And yes I already had froyo.

Anyway, that was like one huge overly informative facebook status update about my day, I realize. 

For all you sympathetic friends of mine out there..... don't worry.... we're doing Wild Waves tomorrow. And I couldn't be happier.  Best. Date. Ever.


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Things I think about.

First thing's first.
Pictures from the day our back yard took a trip to the past.

Between badminton, beersby, twister, bean-bag toss, throwing children in the air, candy for days, bees, a photobooth, and grilling...... I'd say it was a success.
The part where our patio transformed into an outdoor theater was pretty great too.
Thanks Tara for your master-party-planning abilities!


Lately, I've been thinking a few things.

1) I've been wanting to get to know you all better.  So, I started going through all your little pictures under "followers" and checking at YOUR blogs and YOUR profiles.  You ladies are way cool.  Most of the time I come across a blog and I'm like... they want to follow me?  But... they're so cool!

2) I have a running "note" on my phone that is full of my husband's quotes.  They're probably much funnier if you know him, and often times for my own entertainment I open that little note up and read them to myself.  Well, lately, he's been so full of good quotes I can't even keep up.  I would need an entire novel to showcase all the funny things he's been saying lately.  "I can't believe you're letting me set up home THEA!" was one of them two nights ago.  "thea" refers to "theater"..... which we set up in our bedroom.  Laziness and genius at their finest.

3) Blogging in the summer is actually harder, not easier (as I anticipated).  First of all, outfits just don't come together when all I want to do is wear my swimsuit and go to the pool at LEAST once a day.  Also, working more doesn't really allow for cuteness.  It allows for "Hm.  Which clothes do I not care if they smell like coffee for the rest of my life?"

4) I've also become LESS domestic.  I told my sweet husband that when the summer came, I'd for sure do more cleaning and cooking because I'd have the time.  Unfortunately, the opposite has happened.  I've turned into a good-for-nothing pile of lazy.  I'm sure I'll kick back into gear one of these days...

So aaaanyway, pardon my lack of posting.  Summer is just too good to miss.  And why pick an outfit when it's coming off in like  .38492 seconds before you run off to the pool? :)
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Blast from the Past

A little preview from the weekend 50's party...

Yep.  He wore that.

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It's July 20th.  Which means that August is just around the corner.  Which means that school starts in 1 month.

I feel like I'm running out of time.

My list of projects to complete before summer ends is still huge.

I still need to practice my opera audition.

In fact... I still need to warm up my voice because it's been basically dormant this whole summer aside from worship leading.

I have 3 books to finish for the Freshman class I am assisting with.

.... I also have a lesson plan to write for one of their first days of class.

On top of all this, I need to get some pictures onto an external hard drive ASAP because my computer has turned its' speed from supa-fast to extreme-slug.  

And somehow... amidst all these "to-do's".... the only thing I want to do is sleep, sit in the sun, and attend the art fair today.

But alas.  I have a  50's party to host and plan for.  Herbs to purchase.  Decor to construct.  Books to read.  Etc. etc. etc.

Any tips on relieving the stress that comes with to-do lists?  How about on motivating yourself? :)

Oh, and the weather is cool enough to finally wear a t-shirt!!  My week of t-shirts might be kind of sporadic depending on whether I start sweating my a** off or not.... it's been gloriously warm as of late.

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A simple kind of day.  Hump day.  Great day for B&W.
BTW (so many acronyms), Nordstrom's fall line came out for rewards members only.  And it's on sale. And you get double points for purchases.
You can bet that's where I was yesterday!
Maybe today too.
What am I going to do with coats I can't wear yet?!
Stare at the glory of them I suppose.

[shoes: gap // skirt: nordstrom's - fall line // blouse and glasses: F21]

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