honey honey honey.

Hey there everyone. 
Honey girl here.

Today you can find me at mylocalnw.com where I have posted a new blog about the health benefits of raw honey and cinnamon - it's seriously crazy how long the list is!  All the info came from a Ph. D. residing in New Mexico.  Check it out:

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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

First of all....... the hermit has come out of hiding.  I am slowly re-surfacing in the world.  Hooray!


1) The dream my husband had that included me taking a giant dump on our bed and then falsely accusing a cat.  Who does he think I am??

2) That moment when you're working at a coffee shop and it's your day to clean bathrooms.... so you go upstairs and the bathroom is in use.... so you wait outside said bathroom..... you hear a flush and wait for the faucet to turn on, but, it never does..... and out walks a guy you know and there's the moment of "... Nice." Because he totally didn't wash his hands.

3) Matt accidentally punching me in the chest because he was looking through the camera lens and couldn't tell how close I was in real life when he went to reach for my necklace.

4) Dreaming about being good friends with a professor (dream consisted of me and my prof sitting on his office floor with our shoes off, chatting/gossiping about other students) and then feeling like he knows I dreamt about him and feeling embarrassed for no reason.

5) Again at work, walking upstairs to deliver drinks and overhearing a girl tell her date "Yeah I totally made out with so-and so before.  At Lake Hillwood too (suggestive tone like her date knows the place)".  Uhhhh here's your drinks.  Why are you telling your date you've made out with other dudes.  Not smart.

6) Sobbing over my bowl of cereal in the morning because I have been so sick and am just so sad about it.  Then calling the doctor to order a prescription and trying not to sob on the phone, too.  It's just a prescription order, ya big baby.


Is it sad that I don't have any "awesome's" written down in my phone this week???

[shoes: UO // pants & blouse: j.crew]

Have an awesomely awkward day, friends!

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I am so proud to be his wife.

Maybe that's a weird thing for me to post as a title... but that's really the only thing that came to my mind.
I am SO proud of this man!!!!!!!  He won rookie of the year (for like the 2nd or 3rd time... different jobs) at the annual conference in Florida, and then followed that up with a promotion. !  He is the greatest.

And as if that weren't enough...... our little honey business that he started up with his childhood friend Mike isn't doing too bad either.  We're on the shelves, people!!

My Local Honey.... 3 colors for 3 sizes.  Woohoo!!!!
If you want to be in on the updates concerning this little honey business of ours, you can:

Have a happy hump-day!
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A little spring inspiration!

Something to look forward to.... choral, mint, pink lipistick and sandals.  Come on Oregon, stop dragging your feet and get to spring time already!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

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Dear sinus infection.

Reasons why sinus infections suck:

1) Well there's your obvious reasons, like having your head feel like it is literally growing a unicorn's horn because... that's just how bad it hurts.
...then there's things like making your husband feel your head to make sure you actually don't have some mysterious lump that is growing...

2)  Not being able to do a darned thing.  Yesterday was the first day of my spring break, and I spent it thinking about everything I want and need to do instead of doing it.  So.  Lame.

3) Except for something I did do.  I worked from 7-12 yesterday.  Normally, thas coo.  But yesterday I actually whimpered a little bit to myself while I was on my break, because I was so pathetically sick and didn't want to say anything.

4) Being incapable of taking naps because your head hurts too bad.
.... except for when I did fall asleep for a minute and drooled like 8oz of saliva onto our nice blanket because my nose doesn't pass air through it right now, so obviously I sleep like a slob with my mouth dangling wide open...

Reasons why sinus infections are awesome:

1) My husband is a HEROOO!!!!!!  I came home from work at noon to a "Fort of Healing", which included a fort sign (obviously.  It even had a flag drawn on it), blankets were like Occupy Living Room Floor along with their pillow supporters, and a new magazine to read before I relaxed into my drool-sleep.

2)  My husband takes number 1 and number 2 under the "RWSIAA" (see large bold lettering) category. Anyway.  Not only did he prepared the healing fort, he was at my disposal all day.  He ran and got me natural antibiotics (oregano oil pills!), thai food (spicy! to cleanse the sinuses), and brought me anything I needed.  Water, steam bowls, ibuprofen, snuggles, googly eyes......... I think you get the point.
My words: "I'm sorry I'm so sick and boring..."
His words: "You're not sick and boring.  You're just sweet Nat."
That guy...

3) Moments I get to experience that I wouldn't get to experience otherwise.  I.e., the GIANT fart my husband ripped tonight.
Matt: Whoooaaaa!!!! (looking straight into my eyes about 2 inches away, devilishly excited) That might have literally been the biggest fart of my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And it was certainly the loudest and longest I'd ever heard)
Me: Hm.  I can't smell anything.
After Matt realized my sense of smell was 100% disabled....
Matt:  This is the greatest.

4) Watching neti pot videos with my husband.  And watching him get immediately so excited that he walked without hesitation into the kitchen to try pouring water into one nostril only to feel it come out the other.

5)  The natural antibiotics listed earlier.  Is that even a thing???  I guess so.

6) Sitting down in the shower.  And showering just to shower for the steam.  Really, I was pathetically weak.  But really, if we're being honest here.... sitting down in the shower is pretty bomb.

7)  Using an entire box of kleenexes, followed by an entire role of toilet paper all in one day.  This is listed under reasons of awesomeness because it is just plain comical.

So there.  Now that my feelings on sinus infections are out there......
Bite me, little infection.  Bite me.  We're over.

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working girl.

Spring break is just a slang for "get as many hours in as possible for a week before returning to being a student".  I'm off to work at the coffee shop today!  Which is actually a great thing, because 1) morning shifts are the best and 2) I get to work with my boss, who is awesome.

[blouse: j.crew // glasses: F21 // necklace: gift // scarf: gift (from France I think?)]

Have a happy Monday!

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pardon my hiatus.

First of all, look what I woke up to yesterday.  What in the blazes.

And just for the record, I live downtown-ish.  Not in the hills.  I can only imagine how much snow was surprising everybody in other parts of Oregon yesterday morning!

Next, I do apologize for my week-long hiatus.  I have a slight dilemma.  The weather is crap (see above picture), and for some reason my brain can only conceptualize my closet in terms of summer and spring outfits currently.  The result?  It's that problem we girls are all so familiar with: "I have nothing to wear!"

I'm trying to get my little brain re-excited about snow and gray skies.  It's not going so well.

Transitional clothing.  I wore that top all the time in summer.
[shoes: UO // tights: target // skirt: j.crew // top: gift (F21) //long necklace + big bangle: nordstrom's // small bangles: F21 // leaf necklace: gift from mamma bear]
And yes, I got my hair did.  Woot.

AND IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bon weekend!!
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decor updates.

I don't post a lot about my decorating changes, but lately I have been doing a lot around these parts.  Here are a few of my latest projects/purchases for Spring.

[real deals]

[real deals]

[from husband for the opera]

[vase + green sticks: real deals // puffs: craft warehouse]

[pillar: antique bazaar // lantern: pottery barn // burlap sack: Building Materials Recycled // books: The Arbor // ladder: Building Materials Recycled // Pepsi crate: antique show // flowers: from my wonderful church girls for the opera]

[rake: building materials recycled.  We broke it, then drilled a hole in the back of the handle to hang it]
The rake idea I got from Pinterest:

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I know. He's a stud muffin.

Remember when I shared some ways Matt and I keep our marriage spunky?  Remember how one of those was that I get to dress him in attire of my choice?  I finally caught my husband on film!

Oh, we got a new vacuum.  And yes, I am kissing it.  Because I finally don't have to pull a vacuum BACKWARDS in order for it to work.

Off to the Saturday night opera performance, all color-blocked out.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Thanks to those who came to the opera!!  Now I have to return to being a student...... so surreal. 
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So excited about this.  

[skirt, top, necklace: Nordstrom's // bangles: F21 // shoes: madden girl from TJMaxx]
This skirt is SO much fun, and so flattering.  I came out and hubs said "Wow, you look gr..... super hott!"

By the way, don't be fooled by the brightness of the outdoors in these photos.  The sky is still throwing up here in Oregon.  

Also, don't mind the blood (????????????) on my pinky knuckle.... 
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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!!

The bum who was watching me take these pictures of myself just now.  Helloooo.  This is what middle class citizens do, bra.

The little tickle-scratch that I do with my tongue on the far back-roof of my mouth.  It makes me make this really strange face that might read something like "I'm gagging", "I'm choking", or "I'm super weird, just turn away."

People who try to veer left when walking around you.  We are in America people.  Go right.  Then this awkward moment would be completely avoided.

Scramble with Friends, via the iPhone.  I am in a perpetual state of humiliation with that game.  In other words, my sister-in-law is busy scoring between 500 and 900 points per round, and my average is about 102.

Playing the role of a gypsy in an opera, which requires saying things backstage like "I need another cigarette", "Hey I can see your bra like... 100%", and in general, being barefoot.  My feet are so dirty I have just given up.

The weather.  Oregon.... FAIL.

The bum watching me take pictures of myself.  [See awkward event #1].

Triple reward points at Nordstrom today.  Hello new pair of awesome shoes for husband + perfect maxi skirt.  You are beautiful.

Scheduling my hair appointment.  Cue giddiness/inner 5 year old!

The opera is this weekend!  But even more awesome than that.... no more rehearsals.  PTL.

Turning in my 2nd Anthropological Theory exam on Monday, and banging out my Stats exam today.  BOOYAH, school.  

Have an awesome [and maybe even awkward???] Thursday!
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Good afternoon bloggy friends.

This weekend is the opera.  Here are a few characteristics of what that means for my week.

1) This is how my face and hair looks all the time.

Whoa.  I know.  Playing a gypsy girl is awesome, let me tell you.

2) I have rehearsal from ehhhh 5-midnight ish every night.

3) Every single time I open my mouth to talk to my husband, it's a story about the opera (or things that take place in the dressing rooms).  I'm sure he is over it at this point.

4) My outfits consist of sweats as much as possible and baggy t-shirts.  Oh, and never mind my unwashed post-pin-curled hair that is stiff from hair spray......

So today, husband and I decided to get away from my opera-consumed world for a while, and go to the meadows for some snowboarding and skiing.

..... I only went on 2 runs.  I am such a wimp.  It was super windy and my face I think literally turned to ice.
The best part of my day was our "tradition" of stopping at Starbucks in Sandy on the way home.  Cozy, chai..... way better than a freezing cold face and no food at the mountain.

And by the way, did you know my husband is the funniest?

Barista-lady: What can I get started for you?
Matt: I'll have a short hot choc.......
(Other barista-lady sets down a platter of samples)
Matt:.... I'll just have one of those.

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Over the weekend, via IG.


Paper straws.

Long hair.

Developing my own workout to teach over the summer!


Signs of spring in my backyard!

Dinner.  (+ rice)

husband-wife bible study.  I love that man.

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My husband is a hott nerd.

I justtttt stumbled upon this blog entry he made back in his single days.  He had created a blog entitled "The Shortcuttologist", in which he gives practical advice on how to go about life more efficiently.  If this isn't funny, I don't know what is....

"Recently I found myself at a gathering of older, distinguished, scholarly gentleman. Not the kind who wear turtlenecks under blazers, smoke pipes, sit in a weathered leather chair and ponder deep thoughts in their study…but very close. Either way, the men were extremely well read and seemed to be getting great pleasure one-upping each other with vignettes about various books in their mental arsenal. I, on the other hand, have never been an avid reader. Needless to say their conversations about things like early American invention and the Wright Brothers flew 30,000 feet over my head. If you were watching from the outside you would have seen four or five men laughing and taking turns sharing thoughts (them) while one young man carefully listened, attempting to precisely time his facial expressions and phony chuckles (me). I think I even once took a deep breath and opened my mouth, pretending like I wanted to interject something, but couldn’t quite squeeze it in before the next expert carried on.

Now, I don’t enjoy feeling like the undereducated outsider. In addition, I could foresee a potential future problem: I’m chumming it up with clients or my career superiors who are having a similar book-related discussion and somebody puts me on the spot, “Matt what are your thoughts on the latest Grisham novel?”…crickets… silence…crickets… “What’s that? You don’t have a freakin’ clue? Who’s John Grisham? No problem, clean out your desk on Monday and kindly remove yourself from this group.” Ok, probably not that extreme, but what a fantastic situation for Opportunistic Shortcutting (the method of wisely using shortcuts to your advantage)! Thus, I have developed a novel idea where, instead of READING books, one can simply read ABOUT books.

This idea makes all kinds of sense in my head. If my goal is to conversationally hang with well read intellects, why would I spend hours upon hours actually READING books when there are myriad resources for reading ABOUT books? Before we peruse the available resources, let me provide a simple mathematical rationale for engaging in this breakthrough behavior. The average person reads 200-400 words per minute. Therefore, a typical 300 page book will take the average person just over four hours to read, in one sitting. Contrast this with the result you could get by investing four hours reading ABOUTbooks. My guess is that you could hammer out eight or nine popular titles. That’s a nine to one ratio! Most lifelong readers would be impossible for a young whippersnapper to match in terms of sheer number of books read. But, at the rate of nine books to one book, there is hope for the under-read. It's like racing a toddler in the 100 yard dash. Look out argyle clad library nerds, we are catching up faster than Buck and his team pulling the mail sled across the Yukon (if you don't understand the metaphor, read about Call of the Wild).

How can I deliver, though, on the nine to one ratio? I decided to put my idea to the test. The internet, as with most other fields, is your key to quick and advanced uptake of information. Thanks to the advent of sites like Wikipedia.com, SparkNotes.com, BookRags.com, etc. a person can now view plot summaries, character analysis, author biographies, and read discussion boards. There is, in essence, a free crash course on most books right at your fingertips. Just last night (true story) I made it through some of the classics: The Old Man and the SeaThe Great GatsbyGrapes of Wrath and Oliver Twist to name a few. You know how long it took me? Around two hours...right on pace. And with the quizzes on SparkNotes.com you can even role play a future discussion opportunity. Next time the book group assembles guess who will be taking the lead?

Me: 'So Bill, what are your thoughts about Dickens’ approach to Victorian stereotypes?'

Bill: 'Well in my opinion…'

Me: 'Yeah that’s great. In his assertion that poverty and vice are fundamentally connected, I feel that Dickens forces us to evaluate our own prejudice that people are supposedly bad from birth. How can we get involved to positively impact less fortunate people? After all, Oliver Twist’s greatest inheritance was not money, but relationship.'


Please know that I understand and respect the experience of reading, how it sets the table for unmatched imagination and takes the mind on an academic journey. In fact, since writing this I have consistently increased the number of books I read (actually read…not read ABOUT).But, if the purpose is to appear an accomplished bookworm, then reading ABOUT books is the most efficient tactic. It is an ideal assignment for Opportunistic Shortcutting. Oh, and if you want to bypass hundreds of pages in that bestselling novel on the shelf, just wait a few months. The movie will be pretty similar, you only have to invest two hours of precious time, you can discuss it with other people,and you won't have to read a single word!"

Isn't he an incredible writer?  Love you honey!

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a real pianist, and some resolutions.

In Oregon, I think it's acceptable to wear socks with flat.  So deal with it, New York fashionistas.

[jeans, shirt, blouse: J.Crew // necklace: H&M //  Bangles/glasses: F21 // Chunky bracelet: Nordstrom's // leapord print socks: Fred Meyer]

Yesterday, my piano professor told me I was beginning to look like a "real pianist".  This may sound kind of redundant... a pianist looking like a pianist.... but to me, it was a huge compliment.  It's not every day a crazy French man who plays piano flawlessly tells you that.  

Now.  Remember how I said I was going to be doing New Month's Resolutions instead of New Year's Resolutions?  Well I think my resolution last month was to not eat sweets.  Let me tell you..... I was NO GOOD at that resolution.  I am ashamed.  If there are chocolate chips and peanut butter in the house - anywhere in the house - I will be definitely be eating sweets.

SO.... this brings me to March's resolutions.  I wrote 'em down in my journal at church one morning.  Must have been a really inspiring message......

1) No sweets (haha) except for my dailly flavored cafe au[soy]lait and raw honey.
2) Pray every morning for 1 friend.
3) Workout 2x per week (usually this is in my living room to a Jillian Michaels video.  Yep.)

Join me if you'd like, and link up your resolutions!

Have a fabulous weekend!
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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!!

[skirt: Double Zero from Bittersweet Boutique // shoes: UO // jacket: F21 // top: target // headband: nordstrom's]

According to the lady at the Boutique I bought this skirt at, the "short long" look will be in this spring and summer.  And according to other blogs and runway pictures I have seen, I can't say I disagree.  Also I love it.  I tried it on and immediately wanted to purchase it.  


The janitor that was cleaning Smith Auditorium while I was sanding tables.  Go.  Away.  Already.  I just want to listen to French music and pretend I live in France and am an artist.  C'mon. 

My husband not telling me I had a piece of kale in my tooth literally the entire time we were at our friends' house.  We got home and he said "By the way, you had kale in your tooth the whole time.  It wasn't that obvious though."  I went in to the bathroom and barely opened my mouth - and there it was - glaring at me and mocking me - this giant, I mean giant, piece of kale.  "What do you MEAN it wasn't that obvious??? I didn't even have to smile and you can totally see it!"  What kind of friend doesn't tell you you have kale in your teeth?  

Screaming in the middle of opera rehearsal.  Let me clarify.  Every Tuesday and Thursday night, the opera cast does rehearsal with the orchestra.  We sit behind the all and stand up when it's time to sing our parts.  Well, at two different parts in the opera, there is screaming that cues the orchestra to come in.  One time, the scream is done by all us girls from off stage.  The other time, it's only done by one girl.  Well, I was doing my homework during rehearsal and not paying 100% attention to which scream we were at, so the singular girl did her lovely scream and then I looked up rapidly from my book, shrieked as loud as I could, and then was extremely embarrassed because about a milisecond after that scream I realized.... nobody else is screaming.  I am an idiot.  Nice.  Stop reading while at rehearsal, Natalie.  Figure it out.  And of course, there was much laughter.


My husband made me dinner the other night!!!!  I was exhausted, un-motivated, and hangry (hungry and angry because I was hungry).  It was awesome.  So awesome.

Having a weekend off.  Matt and I got to do yard work and go for a bike ride, not to mention all the quality time we spent just lazyin' around loving each other (mush mush mush... I know :) )

Eating at Wild Pear TWICE this week.  Yup.  My favorite restaurant.

Having Artie and Radwyn come to Salem to watch me in the talent show!!!!  We loved spending time with them (... Matt's parents..... btw...).  It was such an awesome time and so relaxing.  

Finally getting our honey labels finalized.  I am so over trying to design honey labels.

And last but not least.... the exciting news I have been waiting to announce.  Matt got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so proud of him.  Now instead of selling insulin pumps to patients, he will be selling Roche diabetes care to insurance companies (you know, little stuff like to Blue Cross Blue Shield's board of directions.  NBD.)  It is such a blessing to be in the position we're in, and I'm so, so, so proud of him.  He is good at everything.  Seriously.    Congrats baby!!!!!!!!

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