trash the dress.

For the non-pixelly versions, visit Tara's blog.  So fun.

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take it from me - stay golden.

[joe fresh shoes]

Take it from me, when purchasing $10 shoes on sale from $80, try them on for more than a split second.  These things literally make my feet hurt so bad it was a challenge just to get a picture taken.  Anybody wear a size 8 (or smaller since apparently their sizing is whackkk) and want some golden shoes? :)  I am so sad to have to give them away because they are so perfect!  But they are just too small.  Ugh.  

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I was flipping through some old albums on my computer and came across the slideshow that played at our wedding.  I couldn't help but post some.... mostly as a little tribute to my parents, and then just some out-of-this-world cute ones (my personal opinion) to follow.

First, thanks parents for being awesome and raising me just the way you did.  I love you both/all! :)


ma mere

ma pere


For more, check out my facebook.  The entire album is on there. Many more of ma mere on there too! :)
Let the cuteness begin.....

we both triked

we both played

I was incredibly awesome, he was incredibly awkward

we both had bro's

he was a point guard and went to school on a full ride for bball, I pretended I knew how to play for a year

he practiced leadership, I practiced annoying people by trying to get into the circle

basically he's just a stud.

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may or may-not monday

A few more pictures from the Canada weekend.  Outfit to come tomorrow.... husband might have taken the computer that attaches to my camera.  But that is okay.  It is his computer after all.

top L-->R: steam clock + our hostel.
bottom L-->R: the Cambie coffee shop + free breakfast and coffee every morning.
I can't wait to show you all the sweater and shoes I found for an extremeeee deal this weekend in BC.  Seriously.

May or may-not Monday.... where you can divulge in life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.

I may or may-not be the worst traveller of all time.  I get so anxious to be away from home, so anxious to not be doing my homework every minute of every day, and so anxious that I am going to be anxious (what the heck. seriously) that I am literally just quiet and uptight the whole time we drive anywhere.  Worrying about worrying.  So. Dumb.  
And of course I am just a bundle of bubbly on the way home.  Giddier than all giddup.  My husband says to me, "Whenever you're in a bad mood I'm just going to drive you somewhere like we're going on a trip, and then turn around and start driving home to make you happy."  That's how bad it is.

I may or may-not have worn my Danskos to every bar we went to in Canada.  Pretty sure I was the only girl in the country who was wearing Danskos at a club that night, judging by the plethora of uncomfortably mini mini-skirts that we saw, accompanied by just as uncomfortable high heels.  Those girls.  What are they thinking?

I may or may-not have NOT done my reading for a class I had today..... dun dun dun.  Not telling which one because I don't want to get in trouble.  But it was a pretty good feeling.  

I may or may-not have accidentally stolen Tara's free-breakfast card one morning.  It was in my shoe.  How was I supposed to know?  I only found out once I started trying things on at H&M Canada.  Breakfast was long gone at that point.

I may or may-not have had the two sweetest old men come in to Govcup today while I was working and go on and on about how great my glasses were.  I was thoroughly ashamed to tell them that they were fake, and that I bought them for $3.50 at a clothing store.  They were amazed.  One proceeded to explain that my glasses are of a particular style called "Stanley", and that he has to order his from somewhere in Europe.  Who woulda thunk!

Happy Monday to you all!
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cabin fever.

Aside from the literal fever and literally being stuck on Cottage street.....

Lately I have been wanting to get out and do something more than I ever have.  I want to live somewhere new and experience people who are different than I am in every way you could imagine.  I want to live in a sketchy apartment downtown in some big city and work at a homeless shelter, or travel through Europe with no agenda (as does everybody I realize).  I want experience and excitement and new things.  

But don't we all?

Lately it has been like walking through thick mud to even begin to understand that those are just not the things God has planned for me right now.  I am a student.  I am a wife.  I am a homeowner.  I have responsibilities.  I am a sister, a daughter, and a friend.  I am blessed to have the greatest husband I could have asked for.  Why do I need so much more, and so many new things?

If anybody can answer that, well, that would sure be nice.  Because I can't.  All I know is that I want to go places and see things and live my dreams....

And there's the problem.  My dreams, not God's dreams.  The time I spend pondering the endless possibilities of travels far outweighs the time I spend reflecting and praying on what God has called me to, right here in Salem Oregon.  

Yuuugh.  I just thought maybe writing it all would help me believe it all.  Isn't it funny how we're called to the littleness of life?  God's plan is so backwards from ours, it just really trips me out.  And my little human-self can't seem to understand why I can't just GO.  

Just go..... just go to the neighbor's house and bring them some cookies already.  Seriously.  They moved in like 3 months ago.
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a day in.

I'm sick.  It stinks.  I'm pretty sure I had a fever the past couple nights, but we don't have a thermometer (I know, I know).  However, the 6 layers (basically) of fleece + slippers + curled up by the fireplace STILL shivering kind of gave it away.

Really, you don't want to see my outfit today.  Giant sweatshirt, un-showered hair and hobo gloves?  It's a pretty great look.  And in case you were wondering, yes I did go to math looking this way, and I have every intention of showing up at opera in this attire as well.

Have a lovely Thursday - hopefully not being sick!
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a wordless wednesday.

[shoes: UO, skirt: target, blouse: j.crew, sweater/glasses: F21, watch/giant ring/belt: nordstrom's]

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Liebster Award

I am so honored and thankful (and pleasantly surprised) to announce that Kyllee Noelle from Kyllee Noelle Blog has nominated me for the Liebster award!!  It was such a treat to read my email notification this week from her.  Check out her blog, friends, because it is absolutely adorable.  She has great style, awesome recipes, and lots of other fun stuff to explore!

The award is handed out to bloggers with less than 200 followers who show potential in hopes that they will receive more friends/followers.  "Liebster" is German for "dearest" or "beloved", but is also translated as "favorite" on occasion.  

The rules are: 

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Reveal your top 5 (or fewer) blog picks.
5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

My top picks:

That's right.  The girl who nominated me is one of 'em, that's for sure.  

Mindi is encouraging, witty, and full of life.  She has great mom-moment stories, recipes, suggestions, and decorating ideas.

Thanks again, Kyllee, and I hope that you all check out these 2 awesome daily-reads of mine.

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take it from me tuesday.

Well, first of all, taking pictures of myself instead of having my husband do it really doesn't cut it, does it folks?  Plus it's kind of embarrassing and awkward.  Whatever.

Take it from me, making a bold statement with your outfit is the way to go.  If you mix patterns and combine colors that generally wouldn't go together, people will think you know what you're doing - even if you have not a clue.  That's the beauty of fashion.  Style is up the individual.  So be bold!  These posts by Sydney from The Daybook inspired me to do more pattern mis-matching in a bold way (especially because I own that very skirt).

[top/bracelets/glasses: F21, watch/earrings: Nordstrom's]

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may or may-not monday

[bracelets/glasses/blouse/blazer: F21;  rings/necklace: Nordstrom's/wedding ring]

May or may-not Monday, where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.

I may or may-not have went on a 3-day showerless streak, and instead decided to see how many of my t-shirts and pairs of jeans I could wear in those 3 days.  We're talkin' laissez-faire, people.

I may or may-not be being a not-so-excellent wife lately.  And by that I mean I hadn't grocery shopped in 2 months or so, and hadn't cooked in 3.  Poor husband.  I finally made him a meal (and extra, so it's actually a week's worth of meals.  Go wife.)  

I may or may-not have started nannying for these ADORABLE little boys.  Except one still wears diapers. Have I ever mentioned how much I detest poopy diapers?  The "mother" in me hasn't gotten around to loving them yet.

I may or may-not be in French 132.  Yes, that means I skipped 131 last semester.  Yes, that means Madame Schreiner speaks in French literally the entire class.  Yes, I got moved up to the front row on the first day. And yes, as you may have guessed, she fired a question at ME, standing about 1 foot from my desk, ominously looming there as this French-speaking-guru to whom I replied.. "..........." (nothing). The girl next to me, bless her heart, whispered, "She's asking you if you're new....", to which I idiotically replied, "Oh, yes!"  Which is English, by the way.  Nice.

I may or may-not be wearing almost the exact same thing I wore yesterday.
[at govcup - bible studyin'.]

Happy Monday!
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what I have been up to.

You may notice a lack of posting.  This is due to 1) a serious re-decorating bug that has been consuming all my time, and 2) school (which has been consuming even more of my time).  

Here are some pictures, instagram style, that provide some documentation of my last week.

new art for the newly painted kitchen.

new favorite shop in Salem.

anthropological theory.  enough said.

old "vintage" frame + '96 coffee bag - new decor in the kitchen once again.

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I have been battling this for quite a while now.  My interest in fashion toootally clashes with the styles of my school (completely hippie and liberal, which is both good and not so good at times).  I stand out like a manikin in a homeless shelter (that sounds mean, but it's actually fairly accurate).  Anyway.  I have decided to let the styles of Willamette University inspire ME, instead of trying to emulate outside styles.  I begin my journey into new types of outfits starting today, with pictures to follow.  For now, here are just a couple pictures that I am starting my inspiration collection with!  Two good friends of mine - Emelia Jarnot and Sysa Lynne - both incredible individuals with effortless, relaxed style.  

Alright Willamette.  Let's see what inspiration you hold for me today!
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take it from me.

[boots: madden girl.  jeans/blouse: j.crew.  jacket: F21 or H&M... can't remember.  necklace/watch: nordstrom's.  belt: nordstrom's.  beanie: Exit Real World]

Take it from me, it is always best to know that your first day of school back is on MONDAY instead of just assuming it is on TUESDAY.  This mistake made for one hectic day yesterday.  And I mean hectic.  We're talking school 9-12:30 (which was unexpected), work 1-6 (SOOOOper busy) and then community group 6:30-9.  So much for finishing painting, hanging out with my great friend Ashley, and getting one last day of rest in before the semester kicks in.  Woo-hoo.

Anyway.  I have some may or may-nots for you all.  The first, of course, being that I may or may-not have thought school started today, when in fact it started yesterday.

I may or may-not have actually been having a full on break down about how much I hate school and don't want to go back THIRTY MINUTES before I found out I had school the next day.  Nice.

I may or may-not have been walking across a street near my house (wearing bright red pants) and some dumbo honked and yelled, "nice pants!".  What does that even mean, seriously?

I may or may-not have eaten some dairy, and may or may-not have had some seeeeriously stinky farts.  But I am passed the point of trying to hide them and I just let 'em go, because it's way more painful to carry them around inside than it is painful to be embarrassed.

I may or may-not have finally bought some liquid foundation.  But I don't wear it.  It makes me MORE self conscious because I don't really know if I put it on evenly, or if it's the right color, or if it's coming off..... who needs that stress anyway?

It may or may-not be snowing in Salem.  I almost forgot what that was like.
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take it from me tuesday.

On Wednesday.

Take it from me, if you are starting a new medication and have a legitimate fear of any kind of sickness, DO NOT SCHEDULE ANYTHING for several days after starting said medicine.

I learned this the hard way last semester.  This time around, I have blocked out 3 whole days for myself to do absolutely nothing so that this medicine can do it's job, and I can chill it out.

Yesterday my husband and I went walking around downtown Salem (my favorite place to walk.  Probably because it almost always ends in us spending some time at Arbor, my favorite little shop in Salem).  

Due to this new medication, I might not be posting outfits for a few days.  I mean, unless you want to see pictures of me in sweats on a daily basis.  :)  Happy hump day!  

Ps... please do not make fun of my photoshop skills.  I have been spending un-godly amounts of time trying to figure out how to make a blur look good.  Still haven't gotten there yet.  Youtube videos are only good for so much.

[boots: Madden girl.  socks: hubby's.  leggings: target?  sweater: goodwill.  jacket: nordstrom's.  scarf: gap.  gloves: F21.  beanie: Exit Real World.]

And I tried some more editing later tonight.   All suggestions welcome!

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The best workout class ever.  A mix between yoga and pilates.  Makes me feel kinda like this.

happy girl.

No post tomorrow.  Nannying + being a barista + attending community group, all back to back.  Just an FYI.  Hope you had a great weekend!
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a night out.

Tonight, hubs and I went to Govcup (surprise surprise - our favorite spot in town!) for some live music and drinks with a couple great friends of ours.  The enddd.

Have I mentioned this whole photoshop thing is kiiinda hard?  I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a good blur going in the background of pictures (after trying fruitlessly by watching youtube videos of people who are way too smart, move way too fast, and have way too small of buttons).  Suggestions??

[shoes: target; socks: fred meyer; pants: F21; tank: j.crew; blouse: not sure - had it since I was a junior in HS!!!; watch/rings: nordstrom's]

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A different kind of outfit.

Today husband and I ventured up to Meadows (in our new Volkswagen!!!) for some snowboarding and skiing.  The weather condition report was pretty deceiving.  While the sun was out and all was beautiful (as God's creations alwayyys are), the snow was more like ice with a light dusting of fresh powder on it.  Bummer.  Regardless, we stayed up there for the majority of the day and stopped by Starbucks in Sandy on our way home (a Larson tradition).  It was so great to spend the entire day with my husband - at the mountain, listening to a sermon on the way home, hanging at Starbucks, eating Thai, and laying around the house tonight.  He's my best friend.

We called in an order of Thai food on our way home, but when I got there to pick it up, they had given to someone else who claimed to have ordered yellow curry (we were the only to-go order, by the way).  While I sat there, frustrated that I was waiting for new food for about 20 minutes even though we had called in 40 minutes ago, I realized something.  Whoever was clever enough to claim someone else's to-go order must need food more than the person who called it in.  And I hope they enjoyed their curry.  It's too darn good not to.

Have a lovely weekend!

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