the show.

Last Thursday (the 22nd), I did a show at Govcup with "my band", which actually just consists of some of the best musicians that I know in Salem.  Thanks to Ryan Bell, Grae Newman, Kevin Kostenko, and Tara Newman, this show was made possible.  I wasn't able to email entire videos from my phone --> email, but here are some snippets from the night that my husband caught on film.  

"Make You Feel My Love", originally written by Bob Dylan, and this version arranged by ADELE.
[piano and vocals: Natalie Larson]

"Fix You" by Coldplay, arranged by... Grae?  

And here is the ending:
[Piano/vox: Natalie Larson, Guitar/vox: Grae Newman, Cello: Ryan Bell, Cajon/percussion: Kevin Kostenko]

The way I am, by Ingrid Michaelson:
[Vox: Natalie Larson, Guitar/vox: Grae Newman, Harmony vox: Tara Newman, Stand-up bass: Ryan Bell, Percussion: Kevin Kostenko]

Thanks guys for making the show possible!  

Readers: we will hopefully be doing another show at the end of February, or beginning of March.  Stay tuned for details! :)

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welcoming in the new year.

This weekend, hubs and I are going to Sunriver with some friends from church.  I basically couldn't be more excited.  When we decided we were going, Matt's text to let our friends know literally read, "Nat nearly fist pumped her arms off when she heard the good news."  

On an entirely different note, I found this cute (and pretty accurate, actually) to-do list, aka bunches of New Year's Resolutions, on Pinterest!  The accuracy, I'm sure, extends to most 22-year old females, but, so whatttttt if I jump the bandwagon sometimes.  Check it out.

I don't know why it's so small.  You can always view it here.

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Now on bloglovin.  Just a heads up, lovelies.

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The tales of Bible and Chai

This.... is what I call a good morning.

It has been so long since I have sat down with my Creator and praised Him for what He has done in my life, for what He has done in my heart, and for what He is going to do in my life and heart.  

I am listening to a series via PODCASTS called "Salt + Light" from Solid Rock Church in Portland, Oregon.  John Mark Comer has been gifted by God to speak the truth of the scriptures in a real, understandable, relatable way to the body of Christ.  It is so incredible and so inspiring.  If you are interested, I have provided the link to the series.  Start with Part 1, which is entitled "PRAY".  It will rock your world. 

If you struggle with anxiety, "Worry Has a Name" is life changing.

Seriously, check these sermons out.  They are phenomenal.
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photoshop and shoes.

[blouse: j.crew; hair piece: gift; watch/rings: nordstrom's; skirt: old navy; leggings and boots: target; socks: Fred Meyer on black Friday!]

isn't she cute.

I had an incredible day today hanging out with my best friend Natalie.  She is a GEM.  She also helped me pick out these awesome shoes, and this wonderful skirt.  

Shoes: $14 at Target.  Not even kidding.  They're on clearance, and they have them in black too!
Skirt: $14.95 at Old Navy.  Also on clearance.  

Natalie and I went to Target, Nordstrom's, Woodburn Outlets (J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Loft, North Face), AND had time to somehow hit up 3 different coffee shops (using Christmas gift cards of course), read our Bibles together and dine out at Venti's!  It's so nice to have my best friend back from PA.  If only I could keep her here forever.

Tomorrow is a nanny day, so be prepared for no posting (hence the two today.  You're welcome.)

Happy almost-Wednesday!
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Have you heard of this iPhone app?  Otherwise known as the coolest-photo-collage-app-ever.  

Who needs photoshop anyway?

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.  I have been waiting for this day.  Today my agenda consists of only things I want to do.  I'm going to head to my favorite coffee shop in Salem, (not just because I work there), Govcup, for a Bible study and some time to just be.  Then it's off to do all the little errands that the school year doesn't leave time for.  THEN.  I might just take my serious cash-flow that I have from relatives just ... giving me checks because Christ was born (this... seems like an oxymoron somehow) and do some leisure shopping.  
And if I'm lucky.... my best friend Natalie just might want to go snowboarding with me tonight.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Merry Christmas.

I don't think anyone would disagree that there are just way too many reasons to love Christmas.  I couldn't even begin to lay out my highlights from the day.  I guess I could talk about how my husband got me some beautiful new rings and I felt like I was being proposed to all over again.... or how my mom made me HOME MADE gluten free stuffing, and my own ENTIRE gluten free pie.  Yeah.  She's that awesome.  Or maybe if I was really rambling on with the "yeah yeah yeah we all know what you mean" kind of awesome stuff about Christmas, I would talk about my awesome nephew-in-law (?) Kincaid who was repeatedly screaming "book it up!" (read: "hook it up" kind of tone of voice) as he tried desperately to get me and hubs to continue reading the Christmas I Spy book with him..... all of that and much, much more could definitely be talked about.

Or I could just post these pictures.

[cliche, but still a must.]

["finnnnnally a big clock!!"]

[couldn't believe I had vaguely described a new Bible that I wanted and he got the EXACT one I wanted. Way to go, husband]

[After already opening 2 boxes of rings... surely we were done with the ring-giving.  Then, after all presents had been opened, he goes "ow.. ow!" and was "sitting" on something pokey.  Surprise... another ring box.  Hence this reaction.]
[Honker.  So awesome.]

[The Elder household - stockings for all.]

[Kincaid and Jeremy.  Chillin.]

[Lob.  Otherwise known as Rob.]

[Mom.  Otherwise known as The Best.]

[The surprised face I was hoping to catch all evening.]


[The gang.]

Oh.  And my Mom got me photoshop.  So just watch out.  As soon as that puppy is installed, you can wave good-bye to the "I wish I was good at editing photos but I just use iPhoto that came with this computer..." editing jobs that I have always done.  I know, I know, you are thankful.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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Wednesday through Saturday.

Well.  What a week it has been.
Tuesday: Nanny 9:30-4:30, rehearse 6-10 for show.
Wednesday: Nanny 9:30-4:30, rehearse 6-8 for show.
Thursday: nanny 930-3:30, set up for show, .... do show.  Go out for drinks with the greatest people ever.
Friday: Wake up at noon.  Christmas shop all day... frantically.  Wrap gifts... frantically.  Dinner with parents, and a SIX AND HALF HOUR LONG rehearsal for the Christmas Eve service tonight.  Yeah, I know.
Saturday: Thank you Neil for covering my shift at the coffee shop.  I would've been so stressed.  Great to see Celia and Josh, and Mom and rob of course for our first little Christmas (I can't believe I still get two more...!)  Watch football games/nap.  Definitely nap.  Christmas Eve service to begin at 5pm, and then it's all relaxing until Tuesday!

Here are some of the highlights from my nannying days:

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Happy Tuesday.

Today has been a marathon.  That is all.

[scarf wrap: h&m (summer 2011); shirt: j.crew; jeans and shoes: nordstrom's]

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may or may-not monday, the weekend, and the first anniversary.

Wow.  What a weekend.  First of all, husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, which was fantastic.  We started our day out at church, headed to an awesome breakfast, watched our wedding video, did a bible study, and cooked dinner together.  To top it off, we watched an awesome documentary.  It was so relaxing and so perfect.  Matt got me a beautiful old-fashioned wooden frame with a picture of us on our honey moon in it, along with a CD of songs from our first year together.  Considering our anniversary is right around Christmas, we decided to keep our anniversary on a budget.  It was perfect. :)

THEN..... we got to do an awesome Christmas/anniversary photography shoot with our friend Mindi Dunn!!! She did a beautiful, beautiful job.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

And my may or may-nots are coming.  For now, I need to get ON this Christmas-card business.

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