Something beautiful blossoming

We are welcoming this Spring with the news of our sweet, beautiful, baby GIRL!

The thought of raising a girl is both terrifying and exciting.  I wouldn't want to raise myself, and praise Jesus my Mom was able to make it through that gauntlet ;) It also means I am about to have my very own daughter - a girl who looks like me, might even act like me, and calls me her Mommy.  Those things don't sound very profound, but I'm sure anyone who's become a Mom knows just how deep the feelings extend.  

I have tried writing out sentence after sentence - both handwritten and typed - trying to somehow grasp the feelings that are constantly flooding me, but I can't capture it in words.  It is too overwhelming and too unfamiliar, and so I am just enjoying experiencing it.  

We can't wait to meet you, baby girl.
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