Fresh perspectives

Looking at my blog today, it seems ironic that it is titled "Urban Anthropology," since I am no longer a city-dweller and hardly ever post about what I'm wearing.  This contradiction between "Title" and "Content" has prompted me to make some changes.

Molly has inspired me with the changes she made to her blog before her daughter was born.  It seems that the idea of a "lifestyle blog"has less pressure for specifics, and more space for things that are inspiring her in the immediate present.  This is the type of blog I hope to re-create from this place I already have.

The personality of a blogger is another concept that is hard for me to understand.  Are we people who like to be on a stage?  Do we desperately need to be related to?  Or are we just sharing our journey honestly with those who care to read?  I hope that for me and for all of you bloggers out there.. it is the third reason that we continue writing and posting about our personal lives.

In the spirit of this change, my blog name will be changing.  I can't decide what it will be quite yet.  I like Blossoming Moments, but the initials for that are BM which make me think of Bowel Movements.  So back to the drawing board.

I hope to hear from you all again, and to connect on an even deeper level with so many of you who are living honest and open blogging lives in other parts of the world and country.  Thanks for sharing in this space with me!
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Something beautiful blossoming

We are welcoming this Spring with the news of our sweet, beautiful, baby GIRL!

The thought of raising a girl is both terrifying and exciting.  I wouldn't want to raise myself, and praise Jesus my Mom was able to make it through that gauntlet ;) It also means I am about to have my very own daughter - a girl who looks like me, might even act like me, and calls me her Mommy.  Those things don't sound very profound, but I'm sure anyone who's become a Mom knows just how deep the feelings extend.  

I have tried writing out sentence after sentence - both handwritten and typed - trying to somehow grasp the feelings that are constantly flooding me, but I can't capture it in words.  It is too overwhelming and too unfamiliar, and so I am just enjoying experiencing it.  

We can't wait to meet you, baby girl.
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