golden birthday wins and fails.

Last Thursday I turned 24 on the 24th.  I had been waiting for that day since I discovered golden birthdays.  It was a long time coming, and I think we celebrated it just perfectly.

win:  a night talking, laughing, and dancing with some amazing friends. and this guy.

win: carving pumpkins and exchanging smiles across a dinner table with more wonderful friends.

win: giant golden balloons in the shape of 2's and 4's.

win: treats from Matt.

fail: birthday dinner surprise planned by Matt in the space needle. WOULD be a win, except we both got dizzy on the elevator ride and even dizzier in the revolving restaurant.  check please!

fail: re-coup down below the space needle and try to make new reservations.  end up listening to horrible live scream-o at Hard Rock.

fail: give up on dinner and drive to Port Townsend for a night in the "best ranked hotel in Port Townsend," aka the CREEPIEST ex-brothell that feels like it's full of ghosts and doesn't let you sleep at night.

fail: Matt working the whole next day in Port Angeles, leaving me car-less in Port Townsend.  8 hours of coffee shops later I'd go anywhere with him.

and then more wins.

win: Matt taking me birthday shopping since we didn't end up paying for dinner OR a hotel, which meant a trip to Anthropologie and Target.

win: the leaves.

here's to 24, and all the rest to come.
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  1. Happy Golden Birthday! Mine was when I turned 10 and I don't even think golden birthdays were a "thing" back then. I've lived in Seattle for years and still have never been to the top of the space needle! i'd probably get dizzy too. And this haunted brothell hotel sounds kind of fun. :)