speaking of fall.

Only in the PNW can you post about paddle boarding and sun burns only to post about fall and sweaters three days later.  I think I can skip the schpeel on how much I love Autumn, since it seems to be a unanimous agreement among bloggers and all people everywhere that it is THE BEST. 

In other news, I have finally started pursuing a job.  Nordstrom treated me well, but the hours were unnecessarily difficult and I'm more of a "home every day at 4" type of girl, rather than a "stay until you make your day and beat your sales goals and work until you fall over" type of girl.  I'm going to miss the days of sitting at home doing nothing, waiting the painful 9 hours to get to 8:00pm when I could finally start watching The Office without feeling the weight of shame (aside from those few mid-afternoon episodes I snuck in over the past few weeks, I'd say it's going well.)

In even other news, if anyone has any advice on when and how and if and WHAT to go to Grad School for, I am now accepting all advice, wisdom, and even opinions.  

[Pants: J Brand.  Shoes: BP Shoes at Nordstrom.  Sweater: BP.  Sunglasses: Men's section of UO.  Hat: Walmart.]
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