Thank-you to ALL of you who have been so encouraging along the way.  I can't believe this is real.  
Two weeks and a full-time job begins.  Welcome to postgraduate life? 

On a more sombering note, I lost my camera with all my graduation pictures the day of graduation.  Leaving it atop my husband's car, we pulled out of my favorite restauraunt and waved goodbye to the Elph and all its glory and irreplaceable memories forever.  I've only called the stores nearby the fateful place on the road where it probably landed a dozen times.  I've only talked to the same people at Campus Safety at my school just as many times, and I think they're a little tired of opening the lost and found to look for "the little blue camera."  Oh well.  Thanks to my Dad and friends for snapping some shots, too, so I could remember these special moments!

It's been emotional.  I recycled every piece of paper from my last semester of college.  It all filled an entire grocery bag.  So many hours, so much work, so many things to be proud and ashamed of.  I still can't believe it has come to a close.

Then there's the fact that my Dad moved to Thailand yesterday.  I have only had a couple of breakdowns so far - wishing he was sitting at the dinner table with me, whistling away, playing the piano at the most random times of the day..... 

Dad, you have left a permanent mark on my heart and I will forever cherish these 6 months that we got to live together.  You are such an amazing man.

Two days ago, I bought a suit for the first time!  And button up shirts, work pants, the whole gambut.  And thanks to my AMAZING mom and step-dad, I have an iPad which I am trying to only use for "business" like activity - in other words, I take it to coffee shops in the AM and (try) to read the New York Times.

The iPad for me marks a new beginning into the adventures of adulthood.
So, in continuing with that theme....

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  1. Congrats on graduating! Talk about an exciting time. It is equally exciting that your dad is moving to Thailand. Sad that he is leaving but it sounds like a great adventure. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your camera. I think I'd loose my mind if mine went missing.


  2. i know all about that graduation tent! graduated from WU back in 2009 :) congrats, lady !!!

  3. So sweet, your words. Love you!