welcome spring.


Skirt weather.  Amen.

Also just the Spring essentials happening in the background.  Pumpkins and a blue can of.. something.
[Target Skirt // F21 baseball tee // vintage bag]

Also, now that our house looks perfect and like I've always dreamed.... let's sell it!  The sign went up today.  I refused to go outside for the ceremony.  

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  1. Love that table! Where's it from?

  2. Oh I do know. It's such a poignant thing, moving from home, making a new home and a new life. Your kitchen looks so sweet. You will make whatever space becomes your new home lovely and inviting and stylish, just like you! :)

  3. I remember going through the exact same thing when we were selling our house...getting it perfect for someone else to enjoy. Moving is never easy. Hope things go smooth for you both!