on changes.

This time last year (spring break) I was steaming my face away in a bowl with a towel over my head, trying to kick my sinus infection of AN ENTIRE WEEK to the curb.  This year I've spent nights praying to Jesus not to have a sinus infection again on my week off from school.

Unfortunately, my body thinks that this week is actually not just resting time, but time to squeeze in illness so I don't have to deal with it at school.  I guess that's fair.

FORTUNATELY, I do not have a sinus infection.  Just a mild cold and a little tummy ache.  Nothing that will stop me from doing the piles of homework that I need to accomplish.  Nothing that makes me start weeping as soon as I stand up.  So, I count this as a win.

Spring break is also a time where I get to press pause on the crazy whirlwind that is my life and think about what has been, what is, and what is to come.  I can't believe I am graduating in 46 days.  DID YOU KNOW... there are only 20 more days of actual classes left?  There aren't containers big enough to contain my joy.

... But then there's moving.  And having a real job.  And leaving behind the first house we ever bought together.  And moving out of the city I've lived in since 3rd grade.  And taking a vacation 2 days after my new job starts.  And leaving my church.  And my friends.  And my whole life, really.

The other night Matt and I were standing in the kitchen talking about all we need to do to get our house ready to show, and I just burst into tears.  I hadn't felt so attached and not-ready to leave until that moment.

So while these Spring Break days go whizzing by, we keep cleaning and organizing and decorating and preparing.  On top of this, I'm trying to finish my thesis (by tomorrow, fingers crossed!) and get my senior recital performance-ready.  Ohhh life.  You are good.  You are a good crazy thing.

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  1. Hi, new follower here! Sounds like you are at a crazy, hectic, but exciting time in your life! I know it's hard to leave the town you grew up, but just think of what adventures await you!! :)

    1. Rachael:
      You are right. The adventures far outweigh the hectic-ness :) Glad to have you as a follower and thanks for your encouragement!!

  2. aw, i can imagine sellimg your first home together will be tough...but the best is yet to come i'm sure! what an exciting time! :)

  3. thinking of you, love!! hang in there!!!!