in the meantime..

If you haven't noticed, I decided to put blogging on the (way way way) back burner.  With my senior recital being a mere three weeks away and a full draft of my thesis due 3 days after that, my time is limited.

I am so looking forward to the days when I have time for this little space every day again.

Some snippets from life lately:

The newest green additions to our home.

Hair lightened.  

Senior recital poster success.

Thesis books.  The pile only gets bigger.

Tassel garland I created for the dressing room.

How do you people keep up with blogging amidst school??  Tell me your secrets, teach me your ways!

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  1. I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog, but it's always there for me when I finally find the time :) Haha. But really, school schedules are so unpredictable. I feel like every time I update I say "Really, next week, updates every day!" Yeah right. But your blog is for you and it's your journey to share, even if that means only once a month. And I love love love the tassel garland! That's in my list of to-do's for this month. Oh one of many.

  2. Hi, new follower here!! Found you on the PNW blog. I'm also a PNW blogger (Seattle area) and love finding blogs near me. :) Love the new succulents you bought!!