budget cuts to life and stuff.

[UO boots, Grace&Lace bootsocks, Gap cardi, Nordstrom vest, Target scarf, H&M men's section beanie]

Don't know if you noticed, but taxes went up.  If I was super super poor, I'd probably be thrilled about this.  The reality is, Matt and I now make about $1,000 less per month.  Also he makes less money this year than he did last year.  So the unavoidable conversation came up when we sat down to do our monthly budget - we need to cut spending somewhere.  But where?  That was my question.  It was one of those "playing dumb" type of questions (you know.  when you know the hard cold truth but aren't quiiiite ready to admit it). So we looked at any possible fixed cost that we could cut down on (i.e. TV, gas, groceries, mortgages, etc.)  Who was I kidding?  We had to cut down on extra spending.

We have this system.  It's called "cash cards", and they exist at Wells Fargo and probably other banks.  It's essentially envelope budgeting on a card, and it works great.  It has helped reduce our spending by hundreds each month since we started it.
But now, we get to cut down the monthly allotment on those cash cards significantly.
But now, I can only order tea (which by the way is free for me) from the coffee shop in the morning instead of treating myself to something else once in a while.
Now, I have made it a goal to not go shopping this entire month.  Because I have $12.  And if I'm shopping, my priorities are whack.
Now, I really can only shop at Winco and not get the extra wonderful gluten-free treats that I love from natural health food stores.

So since I have been feeling so discouraged with all my old clothes (most of which are summer clothes because I actually made money in the summer and went shopping) and thus wearing jeans, converse, and a sweatshirt every day... today I decided that hey.  There's gotta be something in my closet that I can layer and make it look halfway decent.  And this was the final product.

The lesson in this season for me has been to learn to feel confident from the inside alone.  Since that's so easy for a girl....
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  1. i love your layered look - esp that scarf! i have put myself on a spending diet as well! it's no fun, but it has to be done..ugh.

  2. i feel your pain on the cutbacks! cheers to making due with what you already have :)

  3. Ugh. Budget cuts suck but they are great for fostering creativity! You look great!

  4. Ugh out taxes haven't gone up thankfully but I am still poor poor poor. I have been anticipating a few large expenses come April/May and have had to cut my spending down too. I now take out my monthly budget in cash on the first of each month and when the money is gone it is gone. This involved a few weeks of rice and beans the first couple of month but it has gotten easier as I began to become more aware of my spending and better at seeking out deals. Good luck with the new budget! I would love to hear about any tips you discover.


  5. I love the look and I am so sorry about the budgeting issue and having to cut back in some areas of life! That just sucks. I hope everything turns around soon.
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  6. You definitely did a great job looking through the closet, I love this layered look :-) I too have had to cut back on my budget...and it is SO frustrating. Hope we can both hang in there!