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[out doing some retail therapy for the last time for like 6 months.... taxes, friends. they're cray.]

Every year (... all 2 years...) that Matt and I celebrate a wedding anniversary, we each pick 1 thing that we need the other to work on above all other things in our marriage.  For example, in year 2, I needed to work on positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement, Matt needed to work on entering my world and seeing things from my perspective and how his actions would affect me.

Two nights ago, Matt, my dad, and I went to see Ravi Zacharias in Vancouver - one of Matt's favorite pastors.  He spoke about wisdom, drawing lines, living without reserves, retreats, or regrets.  But what really stood out to me was WISDOM.  Why?  The Bible says we are to seek wisdom above all else (Proverbs 4:7, many other bible verses).  In 1 Kings 3:1-28, Solomon prays for wisdom alone and God gives him not only wisdom, but riches and rule.

These two events are related, because, what I realized is that I never make a "one thing to work on" yearly goal for my relationship with GOD.  I only have done it with my husband.  So just this last Friday night, I decided to try and devote more of my study time to understanding wisdom.

There is so much great stuf in the Bible about how we are to live, what we're supposed to do, how we are to love, etc.  If I can't become an all-star wife in 1 year, I certainly can't become an all-star Christian.  So I begin a new chapter in my relationship and understanding of God, one step at a time.  The first step for me, this year, will be wisdom.

What are you working towards?
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