the song of this semester

is JOY.  

Every second I feel happy - like each second is the best moment of my life.  With graduation less than 5 months away, a lighter schedule than I've ever had, and classes I love ... you can guess how I feel.

I also think I've mastered the "I go to college and don't care how I dress anymore" look.  Is wearing hiking boots with j.crew jeans acceptable?  Because that happened today.  Skipping down 2 steps at a time is WAY easier in hiking boots, by the way.  On my way down from the anthro department today (4th floor) I got a little faster each round.  High speeds call for high concentration, though, and I was little nervous going from floor 2 to 1.  


This morning my medical anthropology class walked downtown to a little tiny grocery store / restaurant owned by a sweet old man who is the waiter, chef, cashier, and probably janitor.  We had turkish coffee and baklava, pictured above.  If you haven't had turkish coffee before.... let's just say I walked back to campus by myself and made a pitstop at Starbucks.

SO happy to be already 1 week in to my last semester of college ever.

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