a detrimental thing in our fridge and some pointy toes.

fruit pizza.

not the healthiest of all healthy things, but so irresistibly delicious and alluring that one cannot help but eat 2 slices per day.

also, a Christmas-present appearance: gold-toed heels from Target that are nothing shy of fabulous.

Note: I wore them today (MLK JR.!) because I only had 1 class.  Which means I only had to walk to once class.  Which meant that my toes were able to handle heels.

Happy MLK Jr. day to you!
This legendary man's speeches will be blasting all day on my campus if you are around and care to listen. :)
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  1. #1-I definitely need the recipe for that fruit pizza. #2 I just purchased the same target heels! Love how you styled them! and #3 Happy MLK, Jr. Day to you!