The year that lots of people thought we'd never witness.  Well surprise!  it's here.  It and all its' obligatory resolutions are here.  Actually it was here several days ago.

Matt and I celebrated New Year's Eve at a local bottle shop in Salem with some friends.  Even though it was short lived (I went to bed before the clock struck 12 due to a 5:20am alarm that would remind me to open up the coffee shop), we had a great time.  


And then there was a mountain. 

and THEN.
there were resolutions made. 

Last year, I drew a picture with lots of colors and wrote my little resolutions all over it and stuck it up on my fridge.  I am happy to announce that this was the first year EVER that I stuck with most of my resolutions.  Having them plastered somewhere that I could see them was probably an aiding factor in this outcome.  
Another aiding factor: simplicity.  I made realistic goals that I truly wanted to accomplish, and that would have a positive impact on my life.  For example, all year long I worked on using positive reinforcement with Matt instead of negative reinforcement.  This has improved our friendship and marriage SO much.  Another small goal of mine was to "go on more walks", which is easy, because it's not "go on a walk once a week".  Needless to say, I definitely went on more walks in 2012 than in years prior.  
Other resolutions included: 
- assume value and reserve judgment (a great lesson)
- make a quilt (which I did.... until I ran out of fabric)
- get a B in a class (I was killing myself trying to get straight A's all the time.  And I got a B+!! Yay for decreased stress!)

So this year I took a little look at my life and did some soul searching.  Here's what I came up with for 2013's resolutions:

in no particular order.....
- learn to stress EVEN LESS.  this is a biggy.
- save $10,000 from a new big girl job after graduation
- do a daily bible study (reading the "verse of the day" totally counts on busy days)
- take a photoshop and/or photography class
- stay up later with family instead of going to bed
- own an iPad
- go to Leavenworth
- go to Yellowstone
- reduce monthly spending by at least $100
- find self worth and joy in things other than people knowing what I have accomplished.  aka.... reduce selfishness
- do not sleep in the bathroom (okay this is weird but just go with it).

so 2013, we'll be good friends.  please don't let me forget all the things I learned in 2012, and may these new habits build upon the foundation that last year provided.  woot!  here we go.

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  1. You look stunning in you nye dress! :)

    And I am a fan of your goals! Making a quilt is on my goals for this year! Plus I think I will add in your 'assume value and reserve judgment' goal. I need to work on this! Thanks for sharing!

    Ngaio xx

  2. hey! i just found your blog and i'm really happy!
    follow you right now!
    p.s. i was wondering if you're interested in a button swap?

  3. I like the idea of putting a pretty copy of your resolutions on the fridge! I should do the same. All your resolutions are very good ones! Good luck finding that post-graduation job. I never did, but I'm happy with the way things turned out anyway. I decided to just make my own "big girl job" and learn photography. Work in progress!

  4. okay, so I just randomly found your blog.. and I love it! I read your about me and was creeped out by our similarities. I am a newly wed former barista myself, and I love Jesus too. Keep doing what you're doing - can't wait to read more of your stuff! xo