sooo this triangle picture is all I got.

In my 20 minutes of free time today (literally) I wanted to share this picture with you.
Mostly because it's the only new picture I've taken in a week or so.
What happened to fashion blogging?  I've been wondering that myself. I got a little lazy.
But it feels good.  It feels simplified.  It feels a little relieving for the time being.
Hopefully you like posts about life and birds and triangles.

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[the site of the story]

This past Saturday, hubs and I went out to coffee for our weekly husband-wife bible study / catch up on life time.  It's my favorite time of the week.

Sometimes, though, there are things that need to be said that are not easy to hear.

Last Saturday, in the most loving way, my husband pointed out one of my flaws to me.  As a husband who is supposed to sharpen me and help me get better, it was so hard to hear.  Then at Community Group last night we talked about women needing to point out to other women when they are behaving inappropriately, or irreverently.  It's so hard to do to friends and so hard to hear from friends, but it is oh so important.

I respect this man so much for wanting me to glorify God in a greater way and for trusting me enough to openly and honestly tell me that there is an area in my life that needs attention and improvement.

The worst part?

That area has to do with being all about myself.  I have this bad habit of answering the question "how was your day?" with a long string of events about MY day, while neglecting to then ask, "how was YOUR day?".  I leave people hanging as if my life's events are the only ones relevant.  Maybe it's a difference in expectations (i.e. I expect people to just say oh man!  that's cray!  here's what happened to me, while Matt waits to be asked how his day was).

But that's not the point.

The point is that I need to show people with my words that I value them more than I value myself.

Ugh.  A hard thing to embrace and accept as a flaw.  But there it is.  Raw.  God wants us to be changed and be bettered by our spouses.  Wives - I encourage you to let them strengthen you.
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a detrimental thing in our fridge and some pointy toes.

fruit pizza.

not the healthiest of all healthy things, but so irresistibly delicious and alluring that one cannot help but eat 2 slices per day.

also, a Christmas-present appearance: gold-toed heels from Target that are nothing shy of fabulous.

Note: I wore them today (MLK JR.!) because I only had 1 class.  Which means I only had to walk to once class.  Which meant that my toes were able to handle heels.

Happy MLK Jr. day to you!
This legendary man's speeches will be blasting all day on my campus if you are around and care to listen. :)
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[a new "matt larson" initial ring - thanks to Whitney Larson]

[out doing some retail therapy for the last time for like 6 months.... taxes, friends. they're cray.]

Every year (... all 2 years...) that Matt and I celebrate a wedding anniversary, we each pick 1 thing that we need the other to work on above all other things in our marriage.  For example, in year 2, I needed to work on positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement, Matt needed to work on entering my world and seeing things from my perspective and how his actions would affect me.

Two nights ago, Matt, my dad, and I went to see Ravi Zacharias in Vancouver - one of Matt's favorite pastors.  He spoke about wisdom, drawing lines, living without reserves, retreats, or regrets.  But what really stood out to me was WISDOM.  Why?  The Bible says we are to seek wisdom above all else (Proverbs 4:7, many other bible verses).  In 1 Kings 3:1-28, Solomon prays for wisdom alone and God gives him not only wisdom, but riches and rule.

These two events are related, because, what I realized is that I never make a "one thing to work on" yearly goal for my relationship with GOD.  I only have done it with my husband.  So just this last Friday night, I decided to try and devote more of my study time to understanding wisdom.

There is so much great stuf in the Bible about how we are to live, what we're supposed to do, how we are to love, etc.  If I can't become an all-star wife in 1 year, I certainly can't become an all-star Christian.  So I begin a new chapter in my relationship and understanding of God, one step at a time.  The first step for me, this year, will be wisdom.

What are you working towards?
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the song of this semester

is JOY.  

Every second I feel happy - like each second is the best moment of my life.  With graduation less than 5 months away, a lighter schedule than I've ever had, and classes I love ... you can guess how I feel.

I also think I've mastered the "I go to college and don't care how I dress anymore" look.  Is wearing hiking boots with j.crew jeans acceptable?  Because that happened today.  Skipping down 2 steps at a time is WAY easier in hiking boots, by the way.  On my way down from the anthro department today (4th floor) I got a little faster each round.  High speeds call for high concentration, though, and I was little nervous going from floor 2 to 1.  


This morning my medical anthropology class walked downtown to a little tiny grocery store / restaurant owned by a sweet old man who is the waiter, chef, cashier, and probably janitor.  We had turkish coffee and baklava, pictured above.  If you haven't had turkish coffee before.... let's just say I walked back to campus by myself and made a pitstop at Starbucks.

SO happy to be already 1 week in to my last semester of college ever.

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life of a choir girl.

A week later, I am home from a trip through oregon, washington, idaho, and montana with my choir.  It was memorable, tear-jerking, chaotic, awkward, and wonderful all at the same time.  There's nothing like being with the same 50 people for 7 days straight.  

[stocking up on great music for the long bus rides.  Wilco fan much?]
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The year that lots of people thought we'd never witness.  Well surprise!  it's here.  It and all its' obligatory resolutions are here.  Actually it was here several days ago.

Matt and I celebrated New Year's Eve at a local bottle shop in Salem with some friends.  Even though it was short lived (I went to bed before the clock struck 12 due to a 5:20am alarm that would remind me to open up the coffee shop), we had a great time.  


And then there was a mountain. 

and THEN.
there were resolutions made. 

Last year, I drew a picture with lots of colors and wrote my little resolutions all over it and stuck it up on my fridge.  I am happy to announce that this was the first year EVER that I stuck with most of my resolutions.  Having them plastered somewhere that I could see them was probably an aiding factor in this outcome.  
Another aiding factor: simplicity.  I made realistic goals that I truly wanted to accomplish, and that would have a positive impact on my life.  For example, all year long I worked on using positive reinforcement with Matt instead of negative reinforcement.  This has improved our friendship and marriage SO much.  Another small goal of mine was to "go on more walks", which is easy, because it's not "go on a walk once a week".  Needless to say, I definitely went on more walks in 2012 than in years prior.  
Other resolutions included: 
- assume value and reserve judgment (a great lesson)
- make a quilt (which I did.... until I ran out of fabric)
- get a B in a class (I was killing myself trying to get straight A's all the time.  And I got a B+!! Yay for decreased stress!)

So this year I took a little look at my life and did some soul searching.  Here's what I came up with for 2013's resolutions:

in no particular order.....
- learn to stress EVEN LESS.  this is a biggy.
- save $10,000 from a new big girl job after graduation
- do a daily bible study (reading the "verse of the day" totally counts on busy days)
- take a photoshop and/or photography class
- stay up later with family instead of going to bed
- own an iPad
- go to Leavenworth
- go to Yellowstone
- reduce monthly spending by at least $100
- find self worth and joy in things other than people knowing what I have accomplished.  aka.... reduce selfishness
- do not sleep in the bathroom (okay this is weird but just go with it).

so 2013, we'll be good friends.  please don't let me forget all the things I learned in 2012, and may these new habits build upon the foundation that last year provided.  woot!  here we go.

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faces of the season.

Some of my favorite surprise moments this holiday season: 

And some other just really nice faces:

And some husband wife walking-around-downtown-faces:

And last but certainly not the least of faces.... snow faces:

Whew.  Now for resolutions.  That will have to be later.  
Happy 2013!

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