because who can get through the holidays without a little sparkle?

Maybe it's over the top.  Maybe it's not.  Maybe it's a little ridiculous that I bought it in the summer time with New Year's in mind.  

But with all the pinning of sparkle dresses that goes 'round this time of year, I was darned ready to own and rock one this holiday season.  So booyah pinterest.  "Liking" might be a thing in the online world, but "loving" is also a thing in the real world.  

Oh and also this dress was less than $30 at Forever 21.  
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  1. hooooly smokes! THIS DRESS IS FANTASTIC! I just bought a pricier sequined mini for new years, too! (I just posted about it on le blog!) And no, you are not crazy for buying that in the summer! I start planning my outfits months in advance, too. :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  2. Okay, this dress is amazing. And $30?? From F21?!?! I'm impressed.

  3. I absolutely love this dress Natalie, and it looks gorgeous on you! I just wrote a blog post on holiday sparkle the other day, so I'm TOTALLY feeling you on this one!