Before I get rambling on this post..... this is what we enjoyed today.  A little sunshine and snow.  Best combo ever.
Thank you, Bend OR. 

I'm not sure which moment was better this week: the moment where I was driving my husband's car realizing that my new phone doesn't plug in to his auxiliary cord, his iPod was dead, and the only music available in the car was Meatloaf (it was pretty rough)..... OR the moment where I realized I have only been using fabric softener for 2 years instead of laundry detergent.  Regardless of which of these would take the gold, it goes without saying that awkwardness prevails in this family from time to time still.

In the meantime, I guess Christmas happened.  We spent the day with multiple families and enjoyed every bit of it.  Today Matt and I had the luxury of going over our November and December budget.  Yikes.  BUT.  I am pleased to announce that we came out $40 in the BLACK this year after Christmas $$ gifts and all our spending.  I was one proud little wife.

Of course, Christmas Eve service had me all teary-eyed and remembering the Reason for the Season, which I am so thankful for.  In the midst of the materialism it was heavenly to take a breath in of our Savior and remember why.  In fact, every year (and by every year I mean the only 2 years we've been able to), Matt and I go through our last year of marriage and decide what worked and what we want to work on.  This next year will be all about transitions.  Graduating, moving (twice.  or maybe three times.), applying for real jobs, the whole lot.  But what we really want to do is re-focus on the why.  

In lieu of this refocusing, we made it a goal to read the Scriptures and pray together every single day.  For the past 2 years we have enjoyed Saturday mornings as our Bible study time but haven't spent as much time praying together as we would like.  Why not pray together every day? we asked ourselves today.

I used to do my Bible study every morning before school.  That was back when I was a freshman and a sophmore and readings and papers didn't rule my life yet (as if that's an excuse?)  The last year and a half I have neglected that routine, and can tell that it significantly affects my behavior and attitude.  For the sake of my relationship with Jesus, my husband, and everyone around me, hopefully I can make some changes this next year and see how my marriage and life is affected.

So there's a modge-podge catch-up on our lives as of late.  Hope you all had a wonderful, cheer-filled Christmas and are also remember the Reason and the Why.  What a great time of year to be able to reflect on something so wonderful.
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an anniversary.

Welp.  I'm a day late and a dollar short on this one, but, nonetheless, here's to you my sweet husband and bestest friend.  Happy 2 years on Tuesday December 18th.  I love you dearly. 

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DIY wrapping paper // inspired by Anthropologie

On Black Friday, I found my way in to Anthropologie.  Shocker.  I ended up buying this stocking in red.  It's nothing shy of perfection, if you ask me.  

I also spotted this overly-priced amazingly adorable wrapping paper, and decided to try my hand at re-creating it.  After a day spent at Fred Meyer (brown packaging paper) and Craft Warehouse (all other supplies), I am pretty pleased with my pom-pom ball crinkled present. 

You will need:
Hot glue gun
Pom-pom balls
Brown wrapping paper (crinkle before wrapping)
And the works (scissors, tape, etc.)
Gift tags / stamps optional for the finishing touch.

Happy wrapping!
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the face of accomplishment.

After 3 hours worth of chemistry exam-ing,
this is how I feel.

After two more papers, you might see a little more of me around.
Happy Thursday to you!
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consider yourself christmas-picture bombarded.

Because I can't send a Christmas Card to each and every one of you....

Merry Christmas!  

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from the Larsons.

More to come.

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because who can get through the holidays without a little sparkle?

Maybe it's over the top.  Maybe it's not.  Maybe it's a little ridiculous that I bought it in the summer time with New Year's in mind.  

But with all the pinning of sparkle dresses that goes 'round this time of year, I was darned ready to own and rock one this holiday season.  So booyah pinterest.  "Liking" might be a thing in the online world, but "loving" is also a thing in the real world.  

Oh and also this dress was less than $30 at Forever 21.  
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