four. more. days.

Kind of like the four. more. years! four. more. years! chant that was so popular around elections.
But seriously.
There are like 4 days of actual class left before Thanksgiving Break.
I don't know if you know this, but after Thanksgiving there are only 2 weeks of school.
So basically, they should just hand me my diploma now since spring semester flies by so fast anyway.

My little brain is freaking excited!!
Not the kind of excited where you jump up and down and hug your husband several times.
The kind of excited where you are tickled silly and it makes you want to pee your pants.  And you sometimes burst into little squeaks and *sighs* in the middle of class, which are usually followed by peers expecting some sort of explanation (not exaggeration).

This outfit I chose as a "Holiday Party" outfit.  If you think the leg warmers are ridiculous.... you're probably right.  But I have this nagging obsession with them.  Seriously, I have to wash them about once a week.  Also.  Leg warmers bring some spunky and edgy element to an outfit that would be totally absent without them.  And did I mention they're warm?  Who knows if this dinner party is going to have a fireplace or not. 

[The skirt and top are Nordstrom, leg warmers are American Apparel, and wedges are Gap.]

Have a blessed Thursday!

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  1. Graduation is so close!! Hang int there! Love leg warmers!

  2. i would look so silly in legwarmers, but my best friend ROCKS them! so cute, lady.

  3. Your outfits are gorgeous i love those leg warmers.

  4. Okay - tell me about this hair of yours. So fancy!! A girl from Texas needs some tips!