A winter series.

I can't give a big enough shout out to my fabulous friend and photographer, Tara Newman.  She truly does an amazing job.  Thank-you a million times over for such a fun Saturday.  You are so easy to work with and so knowledgable, and you sure know how to make my skin look good ;)  

As many of you know, I did a little fall series back in August on "what to wear for fall" or... something like that.  Now that school has hit and the amount of income I make has significantly decreased, I have done about zero shopping.
But.  It is still possible to take a lot of things you have and re-work them to be fresh and, well, warm? :)

So here we goooo with the winter series!!! [And my hopefully helpful tips on how to assemble a cute winter outfit from your old and boring closet].

First.  Can I get an amen for baggy sweatshirts and overly long tank tops?  Seriously, this winter's looks have got me wrapped around their fingers.  I am so glad to have an October birthday so I could score this black and purple beauty. I paired it with a contrasting pattern so the combo would stand out.  They accent each other nicely... in a weird way.. at least I think ;)  The socks are my husband's (also an amen for husbands' socks!).  They're ski socks?  Soccer socks?  Who knows.  The boots are a forever-ago purchase from Target.  (Oh, the sweater and tank are Nordstrom's.  where else.)  Those little fingerless gloves will be making lots of appearances over the next few months.  They were about $4 from H&M last fall.  They're "fall"ing apart and I don't even care - they're perfect.  

By the way.... hello!  I feel like there's something between us all.
[It starts with a "t" and ends with an "ime", and I'm so sorry!]

Have a happy happy Tuesday!
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  1. I looove your sweater! You look so very cozy and adorable :)

  2. I realize this post a month old but.. This outfit is adorable!