It's just Thursdayyyy and some story telling.

Nothing particularly awkward or awesome is written down in my 'awkward and awesome' note on my iPhone this week.  That either means my life has been particularly uneventful, or too awkward to want to remember, or I'm just a busy bee.  Or some sort of weird combination of the three?

Since I've been such a Negative Nancy lately...
I wanted to share some positive news.

[Queue the mushy lovey gooey-ness that is about to ensue....]

After coming home from school today in tears because I was so sick and so over being sick, my sweet studly husband held me and kissed me until I felt much better, and offered to cook me dinner.  The perks of having his office in our home are endless (i.e. coming home a crying mess and walking into an armful of hugging wonderful).

Recently, Matt and I started reading a book together called "His Needs Her Needs".  You've probably heard of it.  First of all, the author talks a looooot about sex so if you're thinking of reading it... just prepare yourself.  We have had some good laughs. Beside the sex though, it really is a great book.  It's challenging in really great ways (some day I will give my testimony to ya'll so you can better understand my struggles and how Matt and I deal with the sin in our lives).  It brings us so much closer and forces us to work on the most important thing in our lives: our marriage.

The other day we went on a WONDERFUL date.  We got caramel apple ciders, bundled up, and read our marriage book outside on a leaf-filled downtown street.  It was perfect.  I brought the camera and everything because I knew it was going to be good, but alas, forgot to take any pictures (all that sex talk...)

Anyway.  We took pictures when we got home.  Just because.
[a fall outfit! finally!]

So thanks husband for being there for me.  Always.  Much love.
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