Happy Halloween.

Last year there was this video going around by I-forget-who, some man, some *Christian man, who explained the whoooole beginnings of the frightful holiday and why, as a Christian, he chooses not to celebrate it.

For the life I me I can't really remember the main points, and I am not going to watch it again (it was like 17 minutes!!!!! Of my life.) 

Well anyway, I am FULL dressed up today in a bee costume which you will surely see later. 
And my wonderful friend from school is my beekeeper.
And my husband is a cheese head who screams "RAJAS!!!!!! DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK OWWW!"

And you will find us at a local bowling alley with all sorts of other costumed Christians tonight.

BOOtiful, I say.

Oh also I died my hurr.

Happy All Hallow's Eve, and may your children be ever happier and fatter.
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  1. I really like your hair and your scarf. Can't wait to see pictures of Halloween costumes ! I'm a big fan!

  2. haha! i hope you had so much fun dressing up & going out with all of your friends. that's so wonderful. and a bee? how cute! ah, holidays are theeeeeeeeeeeee best.

  3. Gorgeous hair! Your costume sounds cute!