Guest Post: Nicole from StyleArtFaith & Giveaway!

Okay everyone... meet this awesome girl named Nicole!! She loves fashion and Jesus.... you can't hate her.  You just can't.  She's been great to work with and I'm so excited to share her shop with you!!


Hi All!! My name is Nicole. October 22 marked the official launch of my new shop where I design faith-based t-shirts and accessories, and I am so excited to share this humble beginning with the readers of Urban Anthropology!

A little about me...

I'm 28. Born & raised in Maryland. I'm obsessed with music - read about it here! I'm a serial entrepreneur. I love my church. And I love Jesus with all that I am!

How did I get started?? I'm glad you asked! I started this company for two reasons:

1) It has always been difficult to find faith-based clothing that was actually "cute" and fashionable. 

2) I've always been a very relaxed, sort-of-tomboyish girl, so I love my jeans & tees...even if I'm wearing them with stilettos!

I recognized that the only way to find the stylish, comfortable clothing that I wanted was to make it myself. Problem solved! Like I said, I'm a serial entrepreneur so I jumped to it and voila! In my shop you'll find tees, compact mirrors, & buttons.

This is just the beginning and there is sooo much more to come!

Check out more accessories in my shop here.

PS. I think Natalie is super cool for letting me share this with you all!


So here's how you can win some $10 off a StyleArtFaith tee, and some awesome buttons to stick on your backpack, purse, or wherever you put your buttons.

1) Be a follower of Urban Anthropology
2) Visit Nicole's shop - leave a comment and tell which tee you would get and why.  She will LOVE this feedback on her new endeavor!

1) Tweet about this giveaway and opportunity!  You can tag @styleartfaith.

Good luck everyone!!
[BTW, I got one of the T-shirts and it is super nice.  American Apparel T-shirt that fits perfectly and isn't some Wal-Mart Hanes thing.]

Thanks Nicole!!
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  1. I love the Love Gives Me Life shirt. What a statement to make on your tshirt and I would love to wear something like that! Great job!!

  2. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!