birthday recaps.

First of all, yesterday was my seester's birthday.  And if I could find the blasted picture of her that is my all time favorite (which includes her holding a cat in each hand and quite the distressed face), I would post it here.  So just imagine there is a hilarious picture of a girl who kind of looks like me (but way cooler) holding two cats.  

Seeeecond of all, today is MY birthday.  
This year, I decided I wanted a "staycation", since the last 2 years Matt and I have really gone big time with this whole birthday thing.  This all got me thinking about past birthdays, so I wanted to do a little walk down memory lane with you all.

A dinner with my other half, Ms. Natalie Zukowski

Near-ish to my birthday - engagement photos with the love of my life. 2010.

Actual birthday in New York City, 2010.

2011 - Road trip to San Diego

With a hat.

And this is where we stayed.

Today, I woke up the Lumineers and my husband making breakfast for me, presents wrapped (in brown paper bags - my fav!) on the table, and text messages from my wonderful sister and best friend.  
I'd say this staycation is working out pretty well, so far.  
Plus.  It doesn't matter where I go.  I've got a man who loves me to celebrate with in any state. :)

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  1. Happy birthday! Where is that houndstooth scarf from!?!??!!

  2. HAPPY BIRFDAY, PRETTY LADY! :) glad you had a happy one!

  3. lovely photos!
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