And then this happens to my life and schedule.

You may have noticed a lack of internet presence on my part.  And here comes the 'ol broken record.... school is consuming my life!  My spare time is spent doing laundry and catching up with my husband.  To be honest, I am a bit weary.  I had the regular flu all last week, stomach flu Sunday night, and now I have been plagued with a terrible sore throat and congestion in general.  And you know how it goes.  Being sick makes homework or any kind of focus SO much harder.  I feel like I don't have any weeks to spare with how much my load is requiring of me, so my frustration with illness is pretty high.  
But anyway.  Rant rant rant. 
Sometimes I still have fun.  Like doing the color run last week Saturday!  

Thanks for a great weekend, you color runners.

Also, to my wonderful readers.  If you think of it, I could really use some prayer.  With the whole stomach-issue going on and all the illness, plus fighting one of my advisors to let me do the double major... I am feeling pretty weighted down and discouraged.  Thank-you in advance, you are all a bunch of sweet hearts and always so encouraging. 

Hope you are having a WONDERFUL week doing whatever it is you all do. :)

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  1. Feel better--being sick is the worst.. Watch lots of movies! That always helps me relax! :)

  2. I was just sick as well. I hope you feel better. I want to do a color run so bad! Lucky girl!!
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  3. I really have missed your sense of humor and wit recently, so I'm praying for you to get better...not just for the blog but for all that you have to accomplish this school year!