and then there was a day off.

Friday was mid-semester day.  
AKA, the day we have no school for basically no reason and it is pure gloriousness.

I would say it was a day full of productivity and catch-up, laundry and dishes, being a responsible human being and great wife....
But it would all be a buncha hogwash.
I woke up to a coffee-less husband (on struggs!!) so naturally I made a Starbucks run (and why yes I will take a salter caramel decaf mocha on this purely glorious day off.)
After husband was done making phone calls, we took a trip to Portland for a day full of coffee shops, good food, and good bonding time.

Not pictured:  capping the night with a trip to my first Salem bar with some school friends [complete with karaoke and a lot of smiles]
Also not picture:  Taking my first shot.  Okay, it was actually only 1/8th of a shot.  But still.

And now on to the busiest week I've had yet.
Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize....
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