Happy Halloween.

Last year there was this video going around by I-forget-who, some man, some *Christian man, who explained the whoooole beginnings of the frightful holiday and why, as a Christian, he chooses not to celebrate it.

For the life I me I can't really remember the main points, and I am not going to watch it again (it was like 17 minutes!!!!! Of my life.) 

Well anyway, I am FULL dressed up today in a bee costume which you will surely see later. 
And my wonderful friend from school is my beekeeper.
And my husband is a cheese head who screams "RAJAS!!!!!! DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK OWWW!"

And you will find us at a local bowling alley with all sorts of other costumed Christians tonight.

BOOtiful, I say.

Oh also I died my hurr.

Happy All Hallow's Eve, and may your children be ever happier and fatter.
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Guest Post: Nicole from StyleArtFaith & Giveaway!

Okay everyone... meet this awesome girl named Nicole!! She loves fashion and Jesus.... you can't hate her.  You just can't.  She's been great to work with and I'm so excited to share her shop with you!!


Hi All!! My name is Nicole. October 22 marked the official launch of my new shop where I design faith-based t-shirts and accessories, and I am so excited to share this humble beginning with the readers of Urban Anthropology!

A little about me...

I'm 28. Born & raised in Maryland. I'm obsessed with music - read about it here! I'm a serial entrepreneur. I love my church. And I love Jesus with all that I am!

How did I get started?? I'm glad you asked! I started this company for two reasons:

1) It has always been difficult to find faith-based clothing that was actually "cute" and fashionable. 

2) I've always been a very relaxed, sort-of-tomboyish girl, so I love my jeans & tees...even if I'm wearing them with stilettos!

I recognized that the only way to find the stylish, comfortable clothing that I wanted was to make it myself. Problem solved! Like I said, I'm a serial entrepreneur so I jumped to it and voila! In my shop you'll find tees, compact mirrors, & buttons.

This is just the beginning and there is sooo much more to come!

Check out more accessories in my shop here.

PS. I think Natalie is super cool for letting me share this with you all!


So here's how you can win some $10 off a StyleArtFaith tee, and some awesome buttons to stick on your backpack, purse, or wherever you put your buttons.

1) Be a follower of Urban Anthropology
2) Visit Nicole's shop - leave a comment and tell which tee you would get and why.  She will LOVE this feedback on her new endeavor!

1) Tweet about this giveaway and opportunity!  You can tag @styleartfaith.

Good luck everyone!!
[BTW, I got one of the T-shirts and it is super nice.  American Apparel T-shirt that fits perfectly and isn't some Wal-Mart Hanes thing.]

Thanks Nicole!!
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Guest Post: Lissa from The Looking Glass

I want to take this opportunity to bring allllll of your attention to my good friend Lissa!  She is such a joy, has wonderful style (seriously, follow her on instagram), and is pretty darn funny as well.  


SCARF//DIY  TEE//f21  DENIM//love culture (similar)  BAUBLES//michael kors via ebay, stella&dot  FLATS//target

hello, fellow urban anthro fans!
i'm lissa & i write @ the looking glass.
how much do you love natalie's style?
uhm. SO MUCH. that was one of the first
things i noticed about her blog... and then i started
to read more and more and discovered how much
we have in common: love for God, love for music, & love
for our husbands. we are also both being tormented (ha) through
school in the non-traditional way. so, anyway, i love that her style is
affordable and applicable to my lifestyle, but, mostly, i love her heart.

so... why am i here?
well, i basically wanted to pop in
and say: "hey, girlll, heyyyy......."

and also give you my top four tips on
staying inspired when you have a busy
schedule (who doesn't?) and a budget (once
again... who doesn't?). so, without further adieu:


let's be honest: there are a tooooon of amazing blogs, websites, & literature out there
with great content. if you're exposed to too much, though, you will get overwhelmed
and your spark will be dimmed. i check 2-3 blogs and instagram regularly. i also 
browse pinterest when i have a spare second. the rest, i read as i can. 

sometimes, i see an outfit or a style that i love, but then i think that it would "never
look good on me". it might be a girl thing, i don't know. (you know, you've thought it!)
growing in your personal style is all about taking risks. you'll never know if you don't try
it. men's shirts, red lipstick, belts as accessories, skinny jeans, and leather leggings are all 
examples of items i once considered "risks". now they're my favorite items in my closet!

this sounds silly to be on an "inspired" list, but what i mean by "get creative" is: use what
you have, shop your closet, and be resourceful. some looks are easily imitated, you just have
to look a little closer in your closet or find a DIY on pinterest or a crafty blog. think outside the box.
(ps my infinity scarf in the picture above is a recycled DIY. you can find the tutorial HERE.)

the creative world can be discouraging. it can make you feel like you'll never be "enough"
or like you need a whole new wardrobe. don't let the creative side of you drown out what
really matters: God, family, and rest. learn how to be content with what you have.
(also refer back to tip three//get creative.)

hope these four tips encouraged you!
if they did, please stop by and say hi, i
love new friends. thanks for reading and
thanks for having me, natalie!!
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oh look what I found!!

The best.
Love you seester. 

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birthday recaps.

First of all, yesterday was my seester's birthday.  And if I could find the blasted picture of her that is my all time favorite (which includes her holding a cat in each hand and quite the distressed face), I would post it here.  So just imagine there is a hilarious picture of a girl who kind of looks like me (but way cooler) holding two cats.  

Seeeecond of all, today is MY birthday.  
This year, I decided I wanted a "staycation", since the last 2 years Matt and I have really gone big time with this whole birthday thing.  This all got me thinking about past birthdays, so I wanted to do a little walk down memory lane with you all.

A dinner with my other half, Ms. Natalie Zukowski

Near-ish to my birthday - engagement photos with the love of my life. 2010.

Actual birthday in New York City, 2010.

2011 - Road trip to San Diego

With a hat.

And this is where we stayed.

Today, I woke up the Lumineers and my husband making breakfast for me, presents wrapped (in brown paper bags - my fav!) on the table, and text messages from my wonderful sister and best friend.  
I'd say this staycation is working out pretty well, so far.  
Plus.  It doesn't matter where I go.  I've got a man who loves me to celebrate with in any state. :)

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and then there was a day off.

Friday was mid-semester day.  
AKA, the day we have no school for basically no reason and it is pure gloriousness.

I would say it was a day full of productivity and catch-up, laundry and dishes, being a responsible human being and great wife....
But it would all be a buncha hogwash.
I woke up to a coffee-less husband (on struggs!!) so naturally I made a Starbucks run (and why yes I will take a salter caramel decaf mocha on this purely glorious day off.)
After husband was done making phone calls, we took a trip to Portland for a day full of coffee shops, good food, and good bonding time.

Not pictured:  capping the night with a trip to my first Salem bar with some school friends [complete with karaoke and a lot of smiles]
Also not picture:  Taking my first shot.  Okay, it was actually only 1/8th of a shot.  But still.

And now on to the busiest week I've had yet.
Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize....
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when discouraged.

Blog.  I guess.

[image via]

The blog is so funny - it's this tiny piece of my life that you all get to read and be updated on.  But sometimes I feel like it's so far removed from what I do and who I am.  So then a blog post like this pops up on a particularly downer day when I feel discouraged, unsupported, and not wanted.

Ever feel that way?  Maybe the feeling emerged in a group-of-friends setting and it was just awkward for you.  Or maybe you felt this way in your work place.  Or maybe even from your family.  
For me it's school.  I have been fighting all semester to get this double major to go through, and was just told by department faculty that they declined my petition to do it.  Now, there are several reasons for this and I think that one of them is valid.  But the others I don't think are fair.  I also feel like nobody is vouching for me, I am not supported by the faculty, and they don't necessarily want to me to be a major.

All those things together make me feel like a failure.  Like I did something to make them feel "eh" about me, like it doesn't matter if I get the degree I want or not.  

One of the reasons I have been denied permission to take a particular class next semester is because they think my school load will be too much.  Well guess what.  That's why someone invented A through F: if it is too hard, I'll fail.  Why can't I be the one to decide how much is too much for me?  

I also failed to pass my proficiency in English Contemporary music at my performance this past Tuesday.  This was especially devastating news, since I thought it was one of the better performances I have ever given.  The voice faculty all passed me, but the two non-voice faculty members who were present did not.  My heart was absolutely crushed in my voice lesson today when I found out and made this crush-ed-ness apparent by crying for 30 minutes straight.  Thank goodness voice teachers are all used to break downs. 

Even though I am discouraged and feeling left behind in a sense, I can only suppose that doors close for a reason.  Maybe I'm not supposed to have a music major for reasons that make zero sense to me at this time.  Maybe I'm supposed to learn to respect people I strongly dislike.  Maybe I'm supposed to learn to work just a little bit harder.  I don't know.  Whatever the lesson is, PTL for a God who knows the plans He has for us, and if we pray to Him and seek after Him with our whole hearts, He will answer us (Jeremiah 29:11-12).   
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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


No pretending here, folks.  I have been staring at this screen for 15 minutes and have nuthin'.  All my brain can think to tell you about is school school school.
So I'll spare you this morning.

Happy Thursday!
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in all black.

Excuse the blur.  
This is my "I'm singing at convo today!" outfit.  
The little black dress I found at Nordstrom's a while back and have been waiting WEEKS to wear it for today.  I love the flare of the skirt and the scrunchy shoulders (obviously all technical terminology).

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a relaxing list.

I found this on pinterest and wanted to share it with all you other busy-bees who go go go.  
Now please excuse me while I go breathe deeply for a while in yoga. 

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a pumpkin day.

A spur of the moment trip to a pumpkin patch after a bible study with my husband Saturday morning was exactly what I needed after last week.  Amazing how a little quality time, conversation, and a drive through the country with fresh pumpkins in your trunk can cause such a change on your insides.

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To my mom.

Today marks a special day on my family's calendar.  Really, all last week was special because we believe in birthday seasons.  So mom, even though my day is full of classes and work and I might not even catch a glimpse of you, you are so loved by so many people, including your one and only daughter. :)

Remember that one time it was just you and me living together for my entire senior year of high school?  We got to share the garage - just the two of us.  That was a special time.

You know how you always made me special gluten and dairy free food whenever I visited?  I really appreciated that more than you know.  Lucky for you, gluten and dairy free is a must now so it's no extra effort!

Remember all that money you spent on buying me new school clothes?  That was pretty nice of you.

One day in particular stands out.... the day I walked upstairs and outside to a brand new bright yellow car.  One of the best surprises ever (pass a huge thanks along to Rob, too).

From 3rd grade to 11th grade, you raised me by yourself.  I can't imagine how hard it was.  From a kid's perspective, you were perfect.  I loved every minute of being your kiddo.

Sometimes it was my week to do the chore of dish unloading.  We all know this never happened.  Matt now knows this still rarely ever happens.  Thanks for putting up with my stubbornness. :)

You give me wisdom without being controlling.  You love me from a distance when I need independence, and love me closely when I need you more than anyone.  You are such an inspiration in all you do.  I love you today and all other days, always.

 I hope you have a wonderful day filled with people you love and things that make you smile.
Happy, happy, happy birthday!

I love you mamma.
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It's just Thursdayyyy and some story telling.

Nothing particularly awkward or awesome is written down in my 'awkward and awesome' note on my iPhone this week.  That either means my life has been particularly uneventful, or too awkward to want to remember, or I'm just a busy bee.  Or some sort of weird combination of the three?

Since I've been such a Negative Nancy lately...
I wanted to share some positive news.

[Queue the mushy lovey gooey-ness that is about to ensue....]

After coming home from school today in tears because I was so sick and so over being sick, my sweet studly husband held me and kissed me until I felt much better, and offered to cook me dinner.  The perks of having his office in our home are endless (i.e. coming home a crying mess and walking into an armful of hugging wonderful).

Recently, Matt and I started reading a book together called "His Needs Her Needs".  You've probably heard of it.  First of all, the author talks a looooot about sex so if you're thinking of reading it... just prepare yourself.  We have had some good laughs. Beside the sex though, it really is a great book.  It's challenging in really great ways (some day I will give my testimony to ya'll so you can better understand my struggles and how Matt and I deal with the sin in our lives).  It brings us so much closer and forces us to work on the most important thing in our lives: our marriage.

The other day we went on a WONDERFUL date.  We got caramel apple ciders, bundled up, and read our marriage book outside on a leaf-filled downtown street.  It was perfect.  I brought the camera and everything because I knew it was going to be good, but alas, forgot to take any pictures (all that sex talk...)

Anyway.  We took pictures when we got home.  Just because.
[a fall outfit! finally!]

So thanks husband for being there for me.  Always.  Much love.
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And then this happens to my life and schedule.

You may have noticed a lack of internet presence on my part.  And here comes the 'ol broken record.... school is consuming my life!  My spare time is spent doing laundry and catching up with my husband.  To be honest, I am a bit weary.  I had the regular flu all last week, stomach flu Sunday night, and now I have been plagued with a terrible sore throat and congestion in general.  And you know how it goes.  Being sick makes homework or any kind of focus SO much harder.  I feel like I don't have any weeks to spare with how much my load is requiring of me, so my frustration with illness is pretty high.  
But anyway.  Rant rant rant. 
Sometimes I still have fun.  Like doing the color run last week Saturday!  

Thanks for a great weekend, you color runners.

Also, to my wonderful readers.  If you think of it, I could really use some prayer.  With the whole stomach-issue going on and all the illness, plus fighting one of my advisors to let me do the double major... I am feeling pretty weighted down and discouraged.  Thank-you in advance, you are all a bunch of sweet hearts and always so encouraging. 

Hope you are having a WONDERFUL week doing whatever it is you all do. :)

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