This picture in no way accurately represents how I feel this morning. (Also, it is from like a week ago.) I tried to take a picture as non-awkwardly as possible at the coffee shop, but alas, even when I thought I was smiling I still appeared to be frowning.  I have finally come down with the cold that is plaguing my campus and work place.  

Regardlesssssss of the date of this photo, though.  Seriously.  This shirt is the most comfortable thing I have ever put on.  I discovered it at Nordy's during triple points week and immediately wanted 5.  I could've bought 5 in the same color and still felt good about it.

Well anyway, on to what has been on my heart and brainnnn as of late.

What percentage of a Christian are you?

There are 24 hours in the day.
9 (or so) are spent sleeping.
That leaves 15 hours for you and I to go about our business, choosing how to spend those precious hours.
In the Old Testament, God asks for 10% of our money (leaving us with a whopping 90%!!!!) (Numbers 18:26)
In the New Testament, God asks us only to honor Him with the blessings we receive.  However, there is no amount named.  Certainly 10% is still a good starting place, but God may be asking us to give more if we are able.

In addition to tithing our treasures, we should also tithe our time and talents
Life can really get in the way for these last two.  We can use my life as an example here:

We tithe 15% of our income.  Matt once heard a preacher confess to tithing 50%, which inspired him (and in turn, me) to give more than we were comfortable with.  If giving 10% is easy, how are we sacrificing for God?  If it becomes comfortable, where is the worship in that act?

If we are awake 15 hours out of the day, technically 1.5 hours should be devoted to the Lord.  This would be considered our time tithe.   I don't know about you all, but I would say anywhere from 5-10 minutes of my day is REALLY devoted to Jesus.  I mean, between school and homework and practicing and sending emails...... You get the picture here.  I completely fall short in the "time tithe" category. 

Now consider your talents.  What are you good at?  Maybe it's writing.  Maybe it's blogging, skiing, singing, leading, or humor.
Whatever it is, God has gifted you with that talent for a reason, and the reason is to glorify HIM with it.
My main talent is music making.  I am in choir approximately 6 hours a week, and every other week (or 3rd week) I play keys at my church for about 8 hours.  The 8 hours are the only real time I honor and glorify God with my talents.  When I'm rehearsing at school, it's rare that Jesus floats into my mind and as I'm singing "Domine Adjuvandume" do I think "All for you, Jesus!!!!"

In these little calculations I haven't included the time I spend praying and conversing with God as I go about little day to day things (like driving).  I didn't include them because I have lots of room for improvement in this area.  My communication and time spent thinking about God is limited compared to the time and effort I spend thinking about school, obligations, and my schedule.  

So, what percent of a Christian are you?  I urge you to take a look at your life and make some calculations.  It's kind of a weird way of giving yourself a reality check, but hey.  Sometimes math and concrete facts are good for something after all.  

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  1. wow! great thoughts! thanks, natalie! such a great reminder.

  2. awesome post. love this perspective.

  3. amazing post. really got me thinking. i've schedule a post to come online tomorrow @ 2 (eastern time) with my thoughts on the subject and i linked your blog to it for where i got the idea. just fyi.

    really great topic!


    1. Laura, thanks for sharing! I don't mind. Glad it got you thinking. :)

  4. Nat - Thinking about this in conjunction with my devotional today. I think that sometimes we get confused when we hear that God will use our talents. We think that that means it will be easy because we have a natural affinity. However, "God does not ask us to do things that are easy to us naturally; He only asks us to do the things we are perfectly fitted to do by His grace...." quote taken from My Utmost For His Highest. And sometimes they will be hard.