Fall preparation: pt. 6

When Tara from Sela Photography asked me if I would bring my computer and a mug to our Portland photo shoot, I didn't know what she had in mind... but I had a feeling it would be good.  In honor of school starting up, we thought this "homework scene" was totally appropriate.

As far as the outfit goes, I picked a simple baggy sweater (from goodwill!), tattered jeans, and tennies.  What makes it more than an ordinary outfit, though, are the details.  A brown leather bag, an arm full of bracelets, glasses to enhance the student look, and a beanie for urban-esque-ness.  Or something. 

[Wearing gap jeans, nordstrom gold watch, vintage brown leather watch, H&M hat - men's department, F21 glasses]
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  1. this is really cute, love everything about it.

    ps. I found you through Molly's blog, hi!

  2. Such FUN pics. Tara did a great job, and you are so photogenic. :)

  3. those jeans are perfection! new or old?
    p.s. you're adorable

  4. oh my gosh. I am obsessed with these images. SO cute! love the glasses, hat, and sneaks!