Fall preparation: pt. 4 & the Endless Winco Trip

Welcome Urban Nester readers!!!!!  Glad you popped in for a visit.  This is my little blog about life and fashion. 

Yesterday I went to Winco for about four items.  FOUR.  Which ended up taking me about 2 hours.  Here's how to have a successful and completely un-necessary 2 hour grocery store trip:

1) Definitely have a 45 minute phone conversation with your Dad in the parking lot first.

2)  Don't ignore the helpless 48 year old man in the tampon aisle, who is pretending like he's waiting for his wife but really he is having the darndest time picking out pads for her.  When he finally gets the courage to ask you about pads, maybe know a thing or two about pads before answering.

3)  If you have "debit gift cards", it's probably not necessary to bring your actual wallet.  I mean, if they don't work, it's not like you will need it or anything.

4)  As you're leaving the grocery store embarrassed and unable to pay for your food that is now bagged, leave your coffee on the check stand just so that when you go back inside, you can feel extra embarrassed - and add a few minutes to your 2 hour long trip.

Voila.  The most inefficient way to go to the grocery store ever.  

[gap shoes // target skirt // UO tee // Nordstrom parka // Exit hat // F21 glasses]
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  1. I can see it all. Thanks for the morning smile. :)

  2. I'd also love to have the Vanward Enamel ring in the cute mustard color!

  3. Your fall styles are super adorable...loving all of them. Ps your hair is gorgeous. Makes me want to be brave and do the same thing.
    I am a follower of your blog (love it by the way) and if I could get something from anthropologie I would get the adorable Potted salt and pepper shakers or the chalkboard spice jar.

  4. i LOVE this ring: http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=556610690&group=3314277&frame_type=b&blog=3314277&link=aHR0cDovL2J5Z3JhY2VwaG90b2dyYXBoeTIyLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8yMDEyLzA5L2ZhbGwtcHJlcGFyYXRpb24tcHQtNC1lbmRsZXNzLXdpbmNvLXRyaXAuaHRtbA

  5. follow you on instagram (and LOVING EVERY MINUTE :))

  6. I LOVE the milk bottle measuring cups, and the half dozen eggs crates. Actually, if we're being honest I love EVERYTHING, but unfortunately I don't have an endless amount of money to spend. A girl can dream though, right?


  7. I love anthropologie. When I can afford to buy things I oooh and ahhh over pretty much the entire home decor section. I'm always crushing on their zinc letters.


  8. I love urban anthro and anthropologie. I would pick up one (or two...for the hubby) of the semiotics juice glass! So fun!


  9. ooooh. Didn't tell you I follow you on bloglovin' too!!! :) :)

  10. I follow you on Bloglovin!


  11. Also follow on Instagram!


  12. I'm a follower! I love the color tab measuring spoons! And I couldn't find it on the website, but last time I was in the store they had a ceramic egg carton (holds 6) and I NEED that sucker so my kitchen will be complete. Serious. :)