Fall preparation: Pt. 1

We all know it's coming.
The best season of them all! Not only because of the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and all those other overly used reasons for loving autumn, but.....
My birthday.  Just sayin'. 

For the next 10 days or so I will be doing a series on some of my favorite picks out of my own closet that I will be wearing this fall. 

Mustard yellow is a great fall color.  Mix it with fresh bright whites and accessories to stay warm - a hat, a vest, big watches, and a dark bag to contrast the brights.  

[wearing target chords, F21 boyfriend blouse, nordstrom vest & sunglasses, H&M men's hat]
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  1. Love it! i wish I could wear those type of hats. I just end up looking like a bag lady.

  2. I love those pants! I went to Target yesterday to get them and they didn't have any left over in my size! SUCH a bummer. But you look adorable! I found your blog through my friend Molly, I love it!



  3. Love this look on you! I really love the beanie. I am interested in getting some for fall! Your fashion posts inspire me to get creative in my closet.