Definitely awkward.

Well friends, the past week has been full of some pleasant and unpleasant surprises.  
First of all.  Discovering you have Crohns disease might result in a picture sent to your husband that looks like this:

There's a pouty face somewhere under those devil-ish weirdo looking eyes.  That wonderful chip clip was attached to my nose for way too many minutes as I, brace yourselves, collected samples of my own poo. 
Possibly one of the top 3 most embarrassing moments of my life: dropping off my poo samples to a young man at the reception desk at my doctor's office.  "Hey....... so.... here ya go."

Also, having a fever of 102 on a Monday night with a big fat week in front of you full of paper due dates and chemistry exams (just kill me instead) is NOT my idea of getting off to a good start.

On the up, I declared a double major this week!  I will soon be able to claim a degree in both Anthropology and Music.  After this semester of 8 classes turns in to Spring semester which will have 9 classes.... and a senior recital and a thesis.... but that's a long ways out so who needs to think about that stuff anyway?

Also.  I am such a giganto traitor this morning.  I'm enjoying some hot cider (because govcup was OUT. What.) at a little coffee shop called Ike Box.  If you live in Salem or ever visit Salem, I highly recommend it.  It's great spot.  

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  1. I feel your pain! I too have crohns :/ On the upside, that is an awesome coffee shop! Such cool décor!

  2. oh NO! feel better! every male on my mom's side of the family (including my brother) has crohn's!! it's such a brutal disease!!

  3. Aw poor dear! At least you can laugh at that lovely visit :) Have fun with your studies, hope you are feeling better :)

  4. have you checked out Sarah Yates' blog, http://www.ahouseinthehills.com/ ? She follows a macrobiotic diet to deal with her Crohns. Some of the recipes look pretty yummy. xoxo