Shopping advice from Bex.

Hey friends!  Today I brought over Bex to give you some shopping advice.  I LOVE her blog and am so glad she agreed to guest blog for me today!  I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do.


hi Urban Anthropology readers. i'm bex and i blog over at bex a diary.
i'm thrilled to be joining you today! when Natalie asked me to do a guest post it didn't take me long to say YES. she's such an adorable gal with such a joyful heart and her blog is way too cute. no?

bex a diary is my happy lil corner of the internet and i'm doing my best to make it a place of encouragement and inspiration.
life is such a gift & i believe that positivity has such an affect on our quality of life. it's with that thought in mind that i try my best to blog from the perspective of goodness. even in the area of personal style. it's true that i tend to have pricy taste, however, my budget will not allow me to indulge in said pricy items. so, i've trained myself to embrace my expensive tasting ways and make a game of it by finding well make less expensive items.

naturally Target has become a favorite of mine. i'm sure i'm not alone in the addictive allure of Target. how can we not be drawn to its amazingness?! they are pros and creating great looking items for way  affordable prices. i thought i'd share with you a few of my current top picks from this months Target racks.

amazing target buys


thanks for letting me join you today. i hope your week is fantastic and you stop by your local Target and get some stylish affordable goodies. 
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  1. Just found your blog and we must be style sisters because I just bought that star sweater and those ankle boots at Target! Hehe. Your blog is so cute, bookmarked!

  2. I just bought those short boots and love them. The fact that i only paid $15 for them is just an added plus.