On being fit.

A past boyfriend once told me, "You could lose a little weight in your legs."  Naturally, as a female, this stuck with me.  Stick me next to any girl with smaller legs than mine and my self-consciousness heightens immediately.  We all have it, right?  The "problem-area".  How has that phrase even become so common?  #firstworldproblems.

Ironically,  a handful of you have commented on my legs on this blog.  "Smokin'" and "dang" have both showed up in my comment box, and I must say, it is weird for me to read those statements directed towards the one area of my body I stress over most. 

Then the other day I came to a subtle, yet full of impact, thought.  Why do I hold some ideal future-self in my head when really, I am happy as I am?  Giving myself something to aim for - a goal, per se - has always been a part of my life.  Until I realized.... my legs are beautiful and strong and yes they're a little squatty and stubby and my torso is the length of the PCT but it is what it is.  Not to mention, if my body didn't change for the worse... I think I'd be okay, happy even, with the way that I am.

Anyway.  All that aside, while I do fight the typical battle of aiming for whatever is next-thinnest vs. accepting myself as is, I try to live a healthy lifestyle.  And since so many of you have made comments about these legs of mine, I thought I'd share a little about what I do to stay fit.

[the peaceful centergy classroom that I am lucky enough to enjoy]

I am allergic to gluten and dairy which cuts out a lot of unhealthy foods right off the bat.  Bread, pastries, cheesy dips... they're all off the list.  I eat lots of meat, lots of veggies, rice, eggs, fruit, and nuts.  Occasionally you can find me munching on gluten-free cereal in the AM and definitely FroYo in the summertime.

My exercise consists of two classes: Centergy and Club Dance.  Centergy is a mix between pilates and yoga which lengthens, tones, strengthens, and relaxes me.  It's the perfect way to end a busy day.  On the other end of the spectrum is Club Dance - a cardio, upbeat, exhilarating workout where I also get to put my booty-shaking to use.  Thank goodness that talent can be directed somewhere. :)  I don't do much running because it makes my legs bigger (and we've already discussed the leg problem) nor do I do much heavy weight lifting.  To me it's all about staying healthy - strong enough but not too strong, toned, and able to play a pick-up game of any sort without running out of air in the first 5 minutes.

Everybody is different.  Find what works for YOU - something you love, something that makes you feel confident, and something that you can maybe even turn into a social event (i.e. - I bring as many of my girlfriends as possible to Club Dance).
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  1. Those classes sound fun! Where do you take them?


  2. i love this post! i can't imagine anyone ever telling you that you need to lose weight anywhere! (i mean that in a 'you're so fit/healthy" way, not an offensive "you're skinny" way) i have been meaning to get into pilates, i have done yoga in the past..but now i'm looking for a reasonably priced place for pilates & yoga (or both!) i need to jumpstart my workout routine, so this post was perfect! :)

  3. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to be thin, or look a certain way and that is usually when I am feeling the most insecure. On good days I am perfectly happy with who I am. Also, I love finding ways to make excercise fun rather than make it feel like work. Those classes sound like a blast.