love is in the air.

Seriously.  2 weddings this past weekend, and 2 (at the same time but different locations... how.) this coming weekend.  Matt and I kind of forget to double check our wedding-schedule calendar and planned an entire back-packing trip for this coming weekend.  Which was just cancelled and is now subject to change dates.  Bummer. 
Anyway.  I saw this sweater and Target and I'm pretty sure it is perfect for the way things are going lately with all this wedding-business. 
Then again, I could always just wear my "all you need is love" t-shirt...... every day....... nothing new there.

Off to be trained on how to train freshman to write papers.
And audition for my senior opera.
And work.
Hello 12-hour day. I welcome you with open (ish) arms.
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  1. your style is so cute, love it. and i love target ;)

  2. I've been wanting that sweater! now I really want it! :)

  3. That is such a cute shirt! Love it. Found you over on Oh Wells giveaway and glad I did :) Newest follower!