little tiny bun.

[dansko shoes // nordstrom skirt // UO tee]
The easiest and best go-to summer hairstyle.  Somebody somewhere was particularly intelligent when they decided this was "fashionable", because it is so convenient for us masters-of-laziness.

Yesterday I picked up my calendar for this school year and started filling in the days.  Meetings, auditions, classes... how cliche of me to say that the summer went sprinting by.  But I am happy to say that I am more ready than ever for school.  Knowing you are 9 months from graduating college has a certain motivation about it.  Here we go.
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  1. I'm such a fan of the person whoever decided bun's should be fashionable. Definitely been my go-to most of my life hah. I wish you could rub off some of your readiness for school. I'm starting grad school back up again in a week and I am soo not ready for it.

  2. girlfrannn i just found your blog and LOOOVE IT. seriously. obsessed. i'm going through your archives during class tonight because, yes, i'm STILL a student, too, and it's the first day of class so what will we be doing? uhm probably nothing ;)