if you realllyyyy knew me,

you would know that....

I am obsessed with all things fleece.  I sleep with a fleece blanket under my sheets every. night. 

I have an extremely long torso, and thus I have extremely long poops and sometimes send pictures of them to my friends (sorry natalie) (tmi?)

Even if I asked YOU where you wanted to grab coffee, I would probably still end up making us go to govcup because it's essentially my second living room.

I will probably ask you for the most ridiculously expensive things for Christmas.  And then be pretty bummed when you don't come through on that.

I go through major phases.  Sophmore year of HS I was a prep.  ish.  Junior year a hippie.  Senior year, a recently-converted-to-Christianity... person.  College... a wife?

I have ALMOST done a lot of things.  I almost played varsity soccer at Willamette (for 2 weeks), I almost worked at govcup (I quit 1 day after I was hired the first time), I almost moved to Hawaii (bought a 1-way ticket and never used it),  I almost went to college (moved in at OSU and dropped out 3 weeks later), I almost took biology (two classes was enough for me)......
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  1. Almosts are allowed, they're part of life! I almost moved to New York, almost became a lawyer, and almost married the wrong guy. Now I see there was a total plan among my almosts!!!!!

    Have a great day,

  2. I have long LEGS. It's not pretty.

  3. I almost moved to Hawaii, and almost played soccer!!! I only regret the soccer part!!! Cute blog! I love it. -newest follower!

  4. oooook hold on. I think I found you through Living in Yellow. But now that I'm reading your blog...you live in Salem?! And you had pictures taken by Tara Newman? SMALL world. :)

  5. Hey. Stopped by your blog {randomly} and now am your newest follower.


  6. GovCup was my favorite spot to study when I went to WU!
    Best coffee in Salem.