if i were a city girl.

which I hope to someday be,
I'd take this little bike
everywhere with me.

This post did not begin with a rhyme-idea.... it just kind of happened.
Anyway, remember when Matt surprised me with a bike? [Unfortunately the surprise-face-pictures were just evacuated to an external hard drive... buut... here's the bike]

Well he did it again, folks.  What a guy.
Except this bike was a little less expensive... like only $40 from craigslist expensive. 

 It's perfect.

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  1. ahh what a cool bike! i am itching for a bike now that the weather is getting cooler!

  2. That really is an awesome bike! I really want a "photogenic" vintage-style bike! I love the first picture :)

  3. What a cool bike! And I am loving your hair!

  4. I got a beach cruiser with basket for mothers day and love it. I feel so cool on it then i go up a hill..then not so cool