black, white, tan, sunflower. thoughts.

It's hard to be judged, but it's even harder (I think) to refrain from judging others.  How will I be perceived on my blog?  Will people like the person that I am?  Should I try to be different?  Why is that girl like that?  

My mom said something incredibly wise to me the other day.  

"Natalie, you can only be you.  Whether people like it or not, there's nobody else for you to be."

So I guess that's it.  That's who I'll be.  Just me.  Just a girl who blogs about clothes and other such things from time to time and pours out her heart and thoughts to strangers on the internet occasionally.  I'm okay with it.
I don't need to be set out to change myself and develop some other personality that's more acceptable. 
I'll just be
I'll just be the way God made me.  No lollipops and rainbows.  No hiding or covering up my identity.  No shame in the way that I am.  
I'll just be.

[UO shoes // F21 skirt // Anthropologie peplum top // nordy's shades]

[so tall.  13'.]

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  1. wow, those sunflowers look awesome! love your braids! :)

  2. I've always loved the quote--"Be you, everyone else is taken". Looks to me like you get that :)
    Love this outfit & those sunflowers!!

  3. Hug you. :) And those are some AWESOME sunflowers.