awkward and awesome.


Holding up the entire lunch line at school because appaaaarently the compass-cash card you JUST paid a crap-ton of $$$ for DOESN'T WORK.  Cool.  It's like 4th grade when you run out of money and the whole class in line behind you casts you funny looks and your cheeks turn into tomatoes.  It was like that.  Especially because I am a senior.  And so what I don't know how to use my compass card after 4 years.

That moment when you are at the beach in your tube-top swimsuit bending over to pick up some sunscreen and the latch in the back goes POP, and suddenly your girls are just waving for the world to see.  Hopefully you have never had to experience that moment.

Getting SO tired playing sand volleyball from a rally that lasted like 20+ HITS!!!! that you literally can't breathe and almost black out.  And you are the only girl amidst many men who can endure much more physical activity.  And it's just embarrassing that you need a water break every 5 minutes, and then decide to sit the rest of the game out.

Any time you have to ask a janitor "how to get downstairs" in a building on your school campus that you have been attending for 4 years..... is an awkward moment.  Having him lead you BACK outside, around the side of the building, and guide you all the way to your classroom (which is a class full of all... ahem... freshmen...) is even worse.  Hey guys.  Meet my friend "the science building janitor".  Yes, he just showed me to my classroom.

Biking home from school for the first time and your pedals stop working.  They just.... altogether stop working.  To make it even more awkward, be sure this happens when there is an experienced to-and-from-school bike rider from your University pedaling right next to you. And then WHAM - $40 beach cruiser pedals = done for the next 5 minutes while you look awesome stooped over your bike trying to figure it out.


My great friend Tara and her husband who is also the worship pastor at our church are having a baby boy!!!!  I might just buy my first baby-clothing gifts ever.  I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to that kind of stuff but, maybe I will venture into the baby realm.

Going to Fred Meyer's "college night" at 11:15pm to make sure and use that 20% coupon on a tube of mascara.  Because I would save $1.80 on mascara even if it means staying up 1 hour past when I am exhausted, passing the time watching "dateline" (why does this show even exist) and the news with my
"college student boyfriend", also known as my 30-year old big-boy job employed husband.

The weather being perfect.  Just close your eyes and try to imagine "perfect" weather.  Yep.  That's what it's been like.

Playing 2 v 2 volleyball.  And being on Mr. Weyers' team - who by the way took 3rd place in a recent sand volleyball tournament.  I learned more than I have in the last 3 weeks just from the 2 games I played with him.  All before I blacked out from heat exhaustion and a racing heart, of course.

Finding out that your sister-in-law just PLAYED in a sand volleyball tournament.  And wishing you were as cool as that.


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  1. you are adorable!!!
    annnnd i definitely had those moments more in my senior year than freshman? wtf, right? anyway, girl, you are not alone.
    and what happened with your bikini? definitely my worst nightmare.

  2. first of all... i really love your blog. second. that whole beach/tube top/ girls waving freely in the wind. yeah. definitely happed to me while nannying!! I was in the baby pool area, and was rubbing sunscreen on my leg and all of the sudden I see my bathing suit top on the ground. at my feet. really cool. all of the moms saw. definitely not my best moment!

  3. I really do love your hair. I used your picture over at my blog http://ashnshae.blogspot.com/ I hope it's okay. Seeing your hair makes me want to try it.