Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

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Sometimes falling flat on your face could be categorized as "awesome" - if you laugh it off and are with friends.  Maybe.  Well this fall was entirely different.  While barista-ing, I misjudged the height of our ONE step behind the counter.  Or maybe it was the Birkenstocks.  Regardless, I went sprawling out - all 4 limbs - and still managed to fall with no grace and somehow still hit my head.  On the ground.  The line of customers was long enough for this to be an awkward enough moment for the rest of my life.  Not only that, it was pretty darn painful and I slowly inched my way into the back to analyze my wounds.  When I looked up to tell my co-worker I was okay, he burst out laughing.  "Your face looks like a tomato!!!!!!!"  Not cool man.  Not cool. 

I was doing some retail therapy when I noticed a little blueberry by my feet on the ground.  Where did that come from?  I wondered.  Several minutes later, I felt a little "ker-plunk" on my foot, and looked down to see another blueberry.  Now I was convinced that little children somewhere must be throwing blueberries at me, and I was going to find them.  Well, no more blueberries ended up at my feet, and it wasn't until I got home that I realized my purse had at least 6 six blueberries in it from an accidental lunch-spill a few days prior.  Gross.

That pinterest moment - we've all had it - when alllllll the DIY projects are just so genius you drop everything and go start one.  This happened.

You know how when you're at a light with a left turn lane and a left turn signal, the left turn lane usually gets to go first (if there are people in the left turn lane on the other side of the intersection, that is)?  Well, this story is not what you think it's going to be.   You're probably expecting that my little self went full speed ahead with OUT being in that tricky left turn lane.... but no.  It's worse.  I was in the straight-ahead lane furthest to the right.  Although... I THOUGHT I was in the straight-ahead lane that is directly next to the left-turn lane.  So when the left turn-lane signal turned green and the giant van next to me was NOT TURNING (because they weren't supposed to....) I sat there steaming mad that they would be so careless in their payment of attention so as to make everybody in the left turn lane wait.  I got so mad, in fact, that I started honking my horn and waving my arms at them like, "Come on! Whta are you thinking?!"  And then our straight-ahead-green-circles changed, and the van went straight.  And I was thinking.... "Come on, Natalie! What were you thinking."


Sometimes people do double-takes.  But have you ever seen a dog do a double take?  Well, it happened to me.  I call it the doggy-double-take.

Sometimes my job is to do honey-demo's with my husband.  How lucky am I to get to WORK side by side with him?  

My hair is ombre.  #PTL #BeingBlondeIsExpensive 

We leave for LA on Saturday!!!  This is particularly awesome.

How about you??
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  1. your hair looks amazingggg! love it. i want to go ombre (but red, with blonde tips)...you're inspiring me to do it! :)