Thursday life.

Nothing short of an adventure, today is finally coming to a close.
I got to meet Kylee this morning for coffee which was a special treat, seeing as how we connect on way more than just one (blogging) level.  If you haven't made your way over to her blog via button, you should do that today (tonight?)

The middle part of the day was average.  Lots of waiting around for husband to get done working, which happened 2.5 hours later than expected.  Which made for a bummer evening since he had planned a trip to Wild Waves theme and water park for us which had to get cancelled.  Fortunately, Katie Downs supplied a wonderful night of dinner overlooking the Sound and Gibson Frozen Yogurt was nothing shy of OUT OF THIS WORLD. (How have I always overlooked the sauces at the end of the toppings?!)

THEN, because we are just that cool, Matt and I spent the remainder of our evening watching WipeOut (the blind date version), laughing our butts off.  I'm pretty sure someone could have stamped "GEEK" across each of our faces and we wouldn't have cared one bit.  We whooped and hollared and cried as the hilarity of the show carried us through evening and into that special time of night.....

Which is snack time.  I am eating a butterfinger from the "Suite Shop" as we speak (or read or whatever).  And yes, it's bomb.  And yes I already had froyo.

Anyway, that was like one huge overly informative facebook status update about my day, I realize. 

For all you sympathetic friends of mine out there..... don't worry.... we're doing Wild Waves tomorrow. And I couldn't be happier.  Best. Date. Ever.


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I think you're blog is just absolutely adorable! You're outfits are just too cute & everything you post about is really neat to read! If you'd like to hop on over to my blog & check it out & maye follow back, that would be amazing! otherwise, keep blogging & i'll keep reading! have a great day! Much love,

  2. You too are so cute! Right out of a J.Crew Ad!