Things I think about.

First thing's first.
Pictures from the day our back yard took a trip to the past.

Between badminton, beersby, twister, bean-bag toss, throwing children in the air, candy for days, bees, a photobooth, and grilling...... I'd say it was a success.
The part where our patio transformed into an outdoor theater was pretty great too.
Thanks Tara for your master-party-planning abilities!


Lately, I've been thinking a few things.

1) I've been wanting to get to know you all better.  So, I started going through all your little pictures under "followers" and checking at YOUR blogs and YOUR profiles.  You ladies are way cool.  Most of the time I come across a blog and I'm like... they want to follow me?  But... they're so cool!

2) I have a running "note" on my phone that is full of my husband's quotes.  They're probably much funnier if you know him, and often times for my own entertainment I open that little note up and read them to myself.  Well, lately, he's been so full of good quotes I can't even keep up.  I would need an entire novel to showcase all the funny things he's been saying lately.  "I can't believe you're letting me set up home THEA!" was one of them two nights ago.  "thea" refers to "theater"..... which we set up in our bedroom.  Laziness and genius at their finest.

3) Blogging in the summer is actually harder, not easier (as I anticipated).  First of all, outfits just don't come together when all I want to do is wear my swimsuit and go to the pool at LEAST once a day.  Also, working more doesn't really allow for cuteness.  It allows for "Hm.  Which clothes do I not care if they smell like coffee for the rest of my life?"

4) I've also become LESS domestic.  I told my sweet husband that when the summer came, I'd for sure do more cleaning and cooking because I'd have the time.  Unfortunately, the opposite has happened.  I've turned into a good-for-nothing pile of lazy.  I'm sure I'll kick back into gear one of these days...

So aaaanyway, pardon my lack of posting.  Summer is just too good to miss.  And why pick an outfit when it's coming off in like  .38492 seconds before you run off to the pool? :)
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  1. Love your non-achieving, non-succeeding, flow with the moment summer. Could it be we are working (tho that's probably the wrong word! ;) on the same thing? :)

  2. I think you're pretty cool!

  3. This looks SO fun! Adorable!


  4. I absolutely love this. I wish I lived really close to you so I could be your friend in real-life :)